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    Hello folk who get with the guys in London! And no, this thread is not about asking where to score cocaine in Londres.

    So long story:

    Last week I was browsing and in the bad horned up mood to set something up, and finally decided to contact a guy that I had been admiring for some time ( It was quite late when I sent the message through on the SB email system and didn't expect a response until the next day obviously. I was quite excited to wake up the next morning to see Charlie had responded back, but eventually through our communications, he requested I send photos which I did through his mobile phone number (I've now read on here that it's uncommon or bad practice for an escort to request such pictures). I whole day goes by without response and I start to think that I was being physically screened for my looks (30s, southeast asian descent, a bit overweight, glasses), so I decide to follow up. Charlie responds that the advertised number doesn't receive pictures, and I should send them to an alternate number which he provided. I do this and then once again, no response. However, the morning after I got my jollies with a fine escort (I've submitted a review) half a week after I had first contacted Charlie, he then texts me with a "hey", and I had to inform him that because I looked elsewhere as he took so long to respond. No apology from his side, but I offered that as he was my first choice I may contact him again sometime in the future, to which he was agreeable to.

    So, long shot, but does anyone who entertains in London have any intel on this guy? Too flaky to pursue? Or was there something wrong with my communication to secure time with an otherwise great escort?
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    I have seen Charlie this summer while on business in London.
    His body is quite beautiful - my most fav part is his belly which wasn't shaved back when I saw him.
    His attitude is a bit hit and miss though.
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    Sorry to hear you were messed around, Slightly. I'm glad to learn, however, that you were smart and had a Plan B that worked out well for you. Will you name the "fine escort' and any link here, while keeping all details for the review?

    I can't comment on Charlie specifically. But it's clear to me that many guys are flaky and/or don't appreciate the need for customer service. This has been so for some years now. I attribute this to there being so many guys working (full and part-time) in London on numerous sites and apps. To be fair, perhaps the working guys themselves would say that customers are often flaky.
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