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Discussion in 'The Spa' started by Joshb, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Joshb

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    who are your latest discoveries and go to guys in Long Beach and OC..... and tell me why
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  2. Joshb

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    Anything ??
  3. fratphysicals

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    There's no talent down in the OC. You're better off staying up in LA. The only masseur I might recommend is Eddie in Costa Mesa but he is hit or miss with what he offers....hot as hell though. I'd caution that mileage most likely varies.
  4. lkbreth

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    This guy is based out of Long Beach, but travels to SF and NYC frequently:


    The 33 positive reviews are impressive.
    He gets higher marks for (1) a truly professional quality massage, with (2) interesting sensual qualities woven in and (3) extra points for originality at the ending.
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  5. Joshb

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    Thanks I enjoy Ryan and he's my go to a lot but he's i NYC this week
  6. fratphysicals

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    If you give Eddie a shot, send me a PM afterwards with how it went, please!
  7. workingoutnow

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    Me too please re Eddie. I've pondered him for years tbh. Great looking but seems to advertise a more therapeutic experience that I'm fearful the drive & cash will be a disappointment if not at least some ability to ogle, maybe feel that body.
  8. LivingnLA

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    Eddie's pics are clearly sexual and not those of a purely therapeutic massage professional. The rate he charges is in the range of what a therapist with at least 10-15 years of experience would charge. Since he only has 4 years according to his ad, what makes him worth the premium if he's purely therapeutic? I suspect he's written his ad to protect himself if he actually is a licensed MT and give himself cover to engage in erotic activity with clients he's interested in and avoid those clients he isn't interested in physically.
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  9. fratphysicals

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    His pics are in line with any other masseur on the website. A shirtless pic does not mean "sexual" on that website.
  10. azdr0710

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  11. LivingnLA

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    Yes they do because the whole website is sexualized. Professional massage therapists do not use shirtless pics in their advertising. It's an obvious sexualization of them and their profession that they wish to avoid precisely because of the long history of sex and massage. One of Eddie's pics even exposes his ass crack, an obvious ploy to attract attention to his amazing ass. The term masseur is associated with sex in English because of a long history tied to happy endings and sexualization, so I'm not surprised most ads on that website have shirtless pics.

    The text of Eddie's ad seems professional, but the rate he charges is higher than normal for someone with his experience and his shirtless pics change the tone of the ad. You're correct that he might not engage in any sexual activity with clients, but his ad suggests otherwise. Given reviews of him on this forum--including yours--I stand by my assessment. He's using sex to sell his services and sometimes engages in sexual activity with clients at his discretion.

    Lastly, by law in California, all professional massage therapists are required to include their CAMTC License # in any and all advertising. I believe it's even illegal to claim to be a massage therapist without a license, hence the frequent use of masseur, body rubs, and the like. For the fun of it, I searched masseurfinder and only found seven ads that comply. That suggests that many of these masseurs probably aren't even trained and licensed massage professionals. Here's one of the seven:

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  12. azdr0710

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    but....but.....but he has a wet t-shirt on in picture #2!.......:D:rolleyes:
  13. LivingnLA

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    Lol! I know I'm being legalistic and pedantic, but that doesn't change my admiration for Eddie's seriously great ass and body. But, I don't believe he's a trained massage therapist either. Like many on masseurfinder, he's probably a self-taught amateur who's using his obvious good looks and physical presence to sell his services. And there's nothing wrong with that, but given the lengths he seems to go through to confuse the issue, any potential client who is looking for a hand, happiness, or more would likely have to hire Eddie and find out in person if he's into you or not.

    And, isn't it interesting how he has two different ads with very different subtext? In one ad only a couple are sexually suggestive and he's clothed in all of them. The text is different as well. He's running a risk by calling himself a certified massage therapist if he isn't and he's currently violating California regulations be saying that and not including his CAMTC license number. Either way, he's an interesting body rub provider. Lol

    Less sexually suggestive ad: https://www.masseurfinder.com/members/eddieoc1986.shtml
    More sexually suggestive ad: https://www.masseurfinder.com/members/eddieoc.shtml
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  14. fratphysicals

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    What are you even ranting about? My original point about a masseur posting a shirtless photo does not necessarily indicate they are going to provide sexual services. This forum is about posting experiences with masseurs and what you can expect, not the legal tirade that you just went off on.
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  15. MikeBiDude

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    Chill, you sound like you need a relaxing massage.
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  16. LivingnLA

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    Rant? I'm sorry, but while I freely admit I was being pedantic and analytical, there was nothing of a rant in there as far as I'm aware. And as I said above, a shirtless pic does indeed sexualize the ad. While you're correct, it doesn't mean sexual services are on offer, given the fraught sexualized history of the term "masseur," the choice to include shirtless pics, creates a subtext that will lead some potential clients down the "happy ending" path and apparently to disappointment if that service isn't actually on offer.
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  17. filmbuff78

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    That's a very bold statement to make about someone without hiring them for a session.
  18. LivingnLA

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    Possibly. Did you look at the pics in either of his ad? He's following the old and very true saying "sex sells" and he's clearly using his impressive body and particularly fine ass to entice clients. Given how the text of his ads reads fairly therapeutically driven and the various forum reviews about him with only a handful saying it was "more" than therapeutic, I believe my assessment is accurate, but who cares? This is all idle conjecture. If a client wants to hire Eddie, they should do so and find out what his massage is like.
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  19. Joshb

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    Bump this convo any new or updated experiences ?
  20. OCClient

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    Tim in Long Beach is very good. I believe he was mentioned recently on this forum. https://www.masseurfinder.com/members/lbcbodywork.shtml

    This Tim is new, and offers therapeutic appointments. Not sure if I can remember a better therapeutic experience, at least not anytime in the past few years. Loved it, and will go again.

    (I used to visit another Tim in Long Beach, therapeutic only, but lost his contact info. He was an amazing straight dude, Asian. If anyone has his # will you please PM me?)