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  1. I have only been into escorting about 6 months. I am still getting a feel for the dynamic. I am trying always to get a perspective on the financial aspects. I am pretty much into cute twenty somethings. There is one provider in my area close to home that I may spend $750-$1000 a month on though I do higher others but the sex with this provider is cum dropping and ball busting. I just keep going back. I spend 3-4 hours a month most times in one day sometimes two if I am busy. I pretty much plan to spend it each month on him for a while anyways or until my dick falls off. My question! Since I am a guaranteed regular customer should I ask for a "bulk rate" If someone is charging $250hr. What would be fair bulk rate?? I ask this because I see poeple like @VictorPowers who is fucking hotter that a red sun going nova offer discounts for multiple hours though his rate is a bit more per hour and is probably much busy than this provider. I have seen others who charge hourly then heavily discount after second hour. I am just interested in getting the best "bang for my buck" I like negoiating but I want to be fair and reasonable. For those of you in the $250-300/hr price range what are your thoughts? If I like the company of this person, if I had an 6,8,10 or 12 hr day not in bed all day either. How do I determine what is a fair price? Any input is appreciated!
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    I had once mentioned a punch card system :rolleyes::D

    Each provider is different. The course of action would differ from one provider to the next. Some of us out there discount, and others would scoff at the mere mention of one. I'd suggest you approach him with something like: "I have hired you frequently for quite some time, would you be open to adjusting your rates for longer sessions?"
    One of my favorite quotes: "They will likely say No, but they COULD say Yes."
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  3. Hi Vic,
    I will do that but for those that do not "scoff" at such a thing I would like a yours and others suggestions. This way I can understand what is reasonable for both. I am sure in 3 years I will know off the top of my head but I want to take the fast track by posting. The escort obviously wants to make a good wage but factor in the repeat business and the client wants to get the biggest "bang" for their buck. Though there is somethkng to be said about a guaranteed income. I just want to be fair/equitable and have an idea on what I should be paying for these multible hours. I figured instead of viewing 100's of profiles. I could post and get some thoughts on the issues. For those that do not do it fine, there are so many good providers that do I prefer to through my business their way when if the oppurtunity is given.
  4. How is he guaranteed an income other than for the session at hand?
  5. I was referring to the fact that I will pay for 3 or 4 hours each month.
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    As Vic said every provider is different. What he suggested is probably a good way to approach your guy.

    Personally, I have never asked a guy for a discount/bulk rate because of the frequency I see him. However, some guys have discounted their rates for extended trips and overnights because I know the guy well and have seen them multiple times. They usually offer the discount without prompting. Hell, one guy I don't see as frequently as I would like (time and distance is a major issue) has completely abolished his fee to make it easier (monetarily) to see him.
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  7. Thanks for the clarification and reply. It is very helpful.
  8. Unless you are seeking him for that long in one session or you're prepaying, there is nothing guaranteed about it. Robbery, death, illness on either of your parts, work emergencies - the income may be highly likely but that's not the same as guaranteed.
  9. I would agree that death and taxes are the ONLY guarentee in life.
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    If you have a good relationship with the guy, it could be that he recognizes the value of an on-going business deal which will result in assured revenue, but gives you a discount on his usual rates. He may be receptive to your proposal for a discount — maybe not. But if your relationship is a good one, it may turn out well. Discuss it with him and explain your financial issues verses your understanding that he needs to make a living. You’ve been hanging out together long enough to be able to have an open discussion.
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  11. Awesome feedback, thank you taking the time to respond.
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    Make him an offer for a certain number of sessions/meetings/hours, with some schedule flexibility for both of you, in return for a fixed monthly stipend. It can work. He may say "no thanks." So what? He may say "sounds great, let's do it", in which case, you two can "do it" often. :p:D

    It should go without saying that either of you can walk away when it no longer meets your needs, but say it anyway.
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  13. That's the kind of thing I was referring to as prepayment. That would actually amount to a guarantee.
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    I totally agree. There is nothing guaranteed about the income otherwise.

    Ask ṭo be upgraded to sugardaddy status. Offer a fixed monthly stipend for an agreed number of meetings. Transfer it to him on the last day of every month so that he can use it to pay his bills on the 1st of every month. THAT is guaranteed income that genuinely benefits the escort and gives you some negotiating power to bring to the table because of how enticing that stability is to most freelance, session-based workers.

    I would recommend that you don't frame it as seeking a discount tho. Frame it as something mutually beneficial. Offer him about the same amount that you've been spending on him, but negotiate a little more time for yourself in exchange for the security that your monthly pre-paid stipend would offer him. That could easily seem like a win-win to a lot of people.

    Please also keep in mind: multi hour sessions and multiple one hour sessions in the same month are COMPLETELY different beasts in terms of pricing. Our rate for a one hour session includes our time to prepare for the session, travel to and from the session, and clean up afterward. Multi-hour sessions are typically discounted compared to one hour session because there is no need to compensate us for the prep/cleanup/travel twice. If it's the case that you are booking 3-4 one hour sessions per month, then there is absolutely no reduction in his prep/travel/cleanup for the sessions. A single 4 hour session is much more appealing for an escort to discount because there is a lot less misc work involved than with 4 one hour sessions.
  15. Thank you for your perspective, yes they are 3-4 hr sessions. If the persons hourly rate is $250hr, any chance you could offer a sugesstion of a fair stipend?
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    Is it really worth it to start squabbling over a few bucks here and there? Sounds like you're having a great time. Enjoy the ride; it won't last forever. If he's a good guy and is meeting your needs in many different ways, you might want to consider paying him a bit more. Treat your friend like a friend, not a box of donuts. Volume discounts and free samples. Maybe at Costco.
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    A fair stipend is whatever the escort says it is. It's personal and no one else's place to make a call on but him.

    I've already suggested to you what I think a good offer is from your side. You said you're paying him $750-1000 a month now to meet him once or twice a month for 2-4 hours at a time depending on your schedule. Offer him the same deal with more stability for him and more flexibility for you. $1K a month flat, pre-paid by the 1st of the month, for 2 sessions a month lasting 2-3 hours each or one longer session if you can't make it twice that month.

    There is no such thing as a "fair" stipend. Everyone's circumstances are different. But as an escort I could see something like this being an appealing offer to many.
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  18. Awesome advice and feedback. Thank you for taking the time to respond meaningfully.
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    Never hurts to ask politely. I used to fly a guy in for overnight. After second session he stopped charging me for air fare because he had flight privileges. After 3 or 4 session I said how about a frequent flyer discount. He said sure what are you thinking. His rate was $1200 when I started and he never increased for grandfathered customers. I said how about $1000 and he agreed. Don't hire him very often, but rate is still $1000 and $500 if we go on a trip.
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    It wouldn’t offend me if someone asked for this type of arrangement in a business.
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