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Discussion in 'Street Scenes' started by Barnaby Gil, May 26, 2015.

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    On Saturday afternoon, borrow a dog, start walking west bound from La Cienega, you'll get laid before you get to Robertson. No money required.

    (PS...Rest your feet at the Starbucks on Santa Monica and Westmount, then continue west bound...If you haven't gotten any action by the 'Santa Palm Car Wash'...slow down, and have lunch curbside at Cafe D' Toile. You should be gold by then. Good luck.
    ) ;)
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    He had two names? Did you call him both at the same time? "Hey, Joey Italian!" or just one, "Hey, Joey!" or "Hey, Italian?" or how about, "Hey, Italian Joey!"
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    I can't do that, I've still got all my teeth.:D
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    Dood, I was spoofing you on your use of the conjuction 'and' in place of the article, 'an'.

    In your post, you wrote, His name was Joey and Italian, as though he had two names.

    What I believe you meant to write was His name was Joey, an Italian.

    It struck me as funny...
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    There's no "street scenes" now in LA, right?