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Discussion in 'The Spa' started by Truckstop, Jul 3, 2015.

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    I've had massages at many Asian parlors around the city. Tonight I finally checked out Manta Spa, and I'm really glad I did. I called ahead to ask if there were any Latinos working -- my personal weakness -- and they said yes, I could choose from two that night. I chose Michael, a really cute Brazilian boy who gave the most amazing massage. Firm yet tender, therapeutic and sensuous. He was very friendly and conversational too. I'll be back.
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    Is this the spa you are referring to?

    • 300 W 56th St
      2nd Fl
      New York, NY 10019
      b/t 9th Ave & 8th Ave
      Hell's Kitchen, Midtown West
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    That would be the one...worth a visit, IMHO.
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    Truckstop, how did it work, did they bring the two candidates out for you to choose?
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    They were in the lounge just inside the front door. I asked who was available and made my choice. If I hadn't asked, I think they just would have shown me to the room and sent in any guy. Truth be told, though, they were all pretty cute.

    As others have said, at $80 it's more expensive than other places, but the quality -- of the space and the massage-- were worth it. Happy ending was included, but you could pay double the price for a nuru (nude body to body) extra. No sex, just more body contact.
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    Thanks. Also for explaining what "nuru" meant. I've seen that term and had no idea it meant that. But it's hard to figure how nude body to body contact could be done without being sexual, at least for me!
  8. Has anyone had the nuru massage there? I'm trying to figure out just what it's like and what happens. Feel free to PM me b
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    If it's like nude body to body massage I had (I suppose there are different styles of nude body to body massages), it was very pleasant, very sensual, and not as sexual as I expected.
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    Did the masseur himself undress at any point for the 80$ massage option or was he fully clothed during the happy ending ? Send me a private message if you think appropriate.
  11. I'd like to know too.
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    I want there a few weeks back on a Saturday. Had a massage that was mediocre. two thirds of the way through, he whispered in my ear that 'release is available for $100 more'. I said no thanks. I won't be back.
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    Love Manta Spa. I go all the time and only once did one of the masseurs asked me for more money to do extras but I don't believe he works there anymore since I haven't seen him in awhile. Michael is a cute latino with pretty good massage. Dylan is short cute asian who gives a very strong massage. A lot of other guys I've had there don't work there anymore but most of them are very nice and they definitely have the best looking guys out of all the men spas in the city. It's a little pricier though
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    I'm going to be in NYC this week and I would love to check out the Manta Spa. But there are so many other guys on and other sites that I would rather be more picky.

    What's so good about going to Manta Spa vs. a masseur at their home?
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    I second Michael, worth the trip.
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    Sadly, Michael is "on vacation" with no return date.
    Masseurs are like real estate, the good ones get taken away quickly by the trained eye...
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    Dropped in yesterday. Only two masseurs available: a short Aisian and a tall lanky guy with bad skin. Passed. Is there a particular time or day when the choice is broader?
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    Well, Manta is cheaper ($80 compared to anywhere from $160 up). But I would say that's where it ends, assuming you do your homework before getting a masseur from MM4M. (By this I mean you only go with a well-reviewed masseur and verified that the guy isn't a Murray Hill Gang member.)

    I've gone both routes whenever I need a massage, although I hire a masseur more often than going to Manta. Manta is hit-or-miss with the guys you'll get, which is unfortunate. Because if they had a steady stable of good-looking dudes, I probably would be there a lot more.
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    My favorite masseur Juan also left. He was so sweet and cute with an incredible muscular body. Always would get naked for me. Went tonight and got Dave. Cute guy, seriously amazing massage but he said $60 for happy ending so I said no just massage. He said it was the their rule not his.


    is he a big Russian guy named tony? i think he is left... maybe its the reason he gonna left...
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