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    Thanks for the tips. I'll try David for sure.
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    And when you do try Dave, it would be great to get a comment from a Novice, not a Newbie.
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    So how does it work in terms of scheduling? Can one call and setup an appointment with Dave in advance or just walk in and hope he's around?
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    I think you can call and ask for him , to make an appointment !
  5. jmkblnd1

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    Yes you can call and/or email them and specifically ask for Dave. He does give a great massage and it was sensual but I didn't think a $60 tip was deserved in my opinion. Maybe I'm just cheap!
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    Found this part from the ad both funny and true:

    "a lot of the guys which is really good, but incase they are young and beautiful. so they will shows up here couple month then they will leave to other career. best masseurs just like the real-estate, when it gone, it will gone. be here with us, donot miss anything"
  10. WestGuy

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    Borat writes their ad copy.
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  11. Larry2020

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    I don't remember the name, but it was a slimmer guy. White, brown hair. Maybe Dave? 5'9" or so.
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    Thank you, I texted them just fishing for info and it was strange response. Decent massage or did you not stick around?
  16. spaman

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    I bolted out of there for three reasons: it was not a spa as advertised, it was very shady & I didn't feel comfortable, and the guy was not attractive at all (the ad implied that multiple guys worked there). After I left the guy called and cursed me out.
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  17. DirtyHarry

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    any recent experiences at Manta?
  18. pubic_assistance

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    Was at MANTA two weeks ago. Nice white kid took care of me from Seattle. Asked for the 90 minute w/ table shower. Got a great deep tissue massage with a lot of prostate and scrotal attention. The shower massage was amazing, and very very happy. Then some stretching back in my room with a little extra "show" to finish me off one more time. Definitely worth a visit. You never know who's going to be working the lounge that day, though. Mix of Asian, Russian, Latino and basic white boys from middle America. Constantly rotating their "inventory". Some are anxious to share contact #'s which is frowned upon by the owners. Apparently trying to build up private clients so they can pocket the whole take instead of just the tips.
  19. What exactly is a table shower. I've never known.
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    Did the young man from Seattle have a stage name?