Marrakech, Morocco

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  1. Hello. I'll be taking a holiday to Marrakech and have read that despite homosexuality being illegal there, the police generally choose to turn a blind eye, and that street rent boys are actually quite plentiful. Is there any truth to any to this?

    During my time there I would, of course, love to pick up a hot, young, Moroccan lad and have a good time with him; I just don't know where to go about doing this and even how.
    I've read that Jemaa el Fna has street boys, but how do I spot them? How do I approach them? How do I signal interest? Got so many questions and cannot seem to find any answers to my questions anywhere on the internet. I do, of course, want to be as discreet as I possibly can, I don't want to ruin my holiday by ending up in any kind of trouble. What is etiquette? I don't speak French or arabic, this will make it nigh on impossible to find and/or communicate with a rent boy?

    Perhaps there are other places to go for lads in the city of Marrakech, as opposed to in the hustle and bustle of Jemaa el Fna? And what time of night do I have to go out looking for a lad? Once I have one (if I am so lucky as to find one) where do we go for fun? I'd love to take him back to my Riad, but as I understand there is absolutely no way that they will allow me to bring a local back there with me, even if I try to bribe them with a generous amount of dirhams?

    I really love the young arab, light brown skin, North African type, and I am very desperate to find fun in Marrakech when I am there on my holiday. Is anyone able to offer some in-depth/valuable advice?

    Thanks in advance
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