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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Dominiking, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Dominiking

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    So been talking for a few days with a client who's coming tommorrow night on a business trip. He says he is married so cannot give his phone number. Usually I just move on to the next client if they cannot supply a number. If a client wanted to come to my home without a number I would immediately say no I can't. But since its their place I guess I don't mind it as much. I don't even have a face pic either to identify them, he wants to meet in a public place first and not his hotel.

    So should I take the plunge, worse come to worse, I lose an hour of my time (30 minutes to and 30 minutes back home,

    What y'all guys and would you meet someone without a cell number and just by email
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  2. OliverSaks

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    I have met people based only on email contact. I try to give clients the benefit of the doubt when it comes to nervousness and the sometimes quirky things that they may do or say as a result of this.

    If I were in your shoes, I would go for the public meeting.
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  3. Absolutely not.

    If you really want the booking and he refuses to provide a number, have him send some sort of a booking deposit first (perhaps via Venmo or an Amazon e-gift card). Should he decline to do so, you've just saved yourself an hour wasted on the freeway.

    Kevin Slater
  4. I agree with Kevin. Hasn't this guy heard of a burner phone?

    Besides, unless he's using a work e-mail and computer, his e-mail may not be secure either. Which suggests this may be a crock.
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  5. LivingnLA

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    @Dominiking, given how easy it is to get a virtual mobile number via something like Google Voice, Pinger, or other VoIP app, I would be hesitant. I'm with @Kevin Slater on this one. Ask for a small deposit or some other way to verify this is a potentially real client.
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  6. newatthis

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    I'm more with Oliver on this one. There are still people out there without cell phones or who are not tech savvy enough to know how to navigate things like google voice, burner phones, etc. What you stand to lose here is an hour of your time -- is it worth it to you if he's a game player? Are there things you could do to mitigate that? -- perhaps insist on meeting him in a public place closer to your home, so you don't lose as much time? You can tell him that you've been burned in situations like this and you need to protect yourself as well as him.
  7. The no phone could be a legit thing, but refusing to meet at his hotel is a big red flag to me... he should be willing to meet you in the public lobby or bar of his hotel. If he is not willing to do even that, I probably would not agree to meet unless he at least ubered you to the public place you were meeting so at least he has some skin in the game too.
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  8. ArVaGuy

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    I've learned the hard way when I make an exception to my hiring criteria the encounter does not turn out well. I agree with @Kevin Slater's advice here.

    It just seems a bit off that the guy doesn't have a burner phone or an internet service to protect his anonymity. Most likely he's legit allowing for benefit of the doubt. However, the worse instance that comes to my mind is an entrapment situation. This is highly unlikely but who the heck knows in this post Rentboy environment.

    Ultimately, it all depends on your comfort level here. Are you willing to put aside your booking protocols and take a chance on this guy? The reward could be positive and you've gained a new client. If it's not then you have to deal with the consequences.
  9. Dominiking

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    Made a typo were actually meeting Friday night and not tommorrow

    And i misunderstood its not at a hotel, he's using his friends place ( his friend is away) it's a doorman building. So I don't know whether it makes any difference on whether he's real or not?
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  10. saminseattle

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    Although I have been using a burner phone for the last year and a half, prior to that, I refused to give out a phone number and insisted on only communicating through email. While a few guys refused to meet me for this reason, the vast majority were willing to use email exclusively. I have since heard anecdotally that many folks who do this are flakes and fakers, but I was not one of them, and to this day I have never cancelled or missed an appointment.

    I offer my example as a data point, not necessarily a best practice for client or escort. As ArVaGuy pointed out, this is risk/reward balancing question that really depends on you and your situation.
  11. rvwnsd

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    I'm sorry to say this, but in 2017 anyone who has not heard of a pre-paid or burner phone should not be hiring an escort. Googling "how can I get an anonymous phone number" is as easy as determining where to buy blue oxford shirts or a dozen roses.
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  12. Meo

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    I'm no tech wizard myself, but I agree with rvwnsd, not being able to get a phone number is advanced helplessness, especially since email has become something largely conducted on one's phone! "Friend's places" always sound a little sketchy to me too, but usually in reverse (e.g. the escort is hosting "in-calls" in a place he shares or does not fully control). This sounds like an odd out-call, but as noted above if you don't mind an hour on the train and stay vigilant, it may be worth your while.
  13. corndog

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    I think there is a fairly high likelihood that this will end up being a waste of your time, but if you don't mind taking that chance, I would proceed.

    Having a phone number these days is pretty meaningless. Anyone can easily get a free burner phone number using an app like TextNow, TextMe, or TextFree. So, if he were some kind of scammer, why wouldn't he bother to do that? I think that it's more likely that he's technically unsophisticated or paranoid that someone would find the free texting app on his phone and get suspicious.
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  14. Rod Hagen

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    I've met with plenty of men unwilling to provide their phone number. I'm a skeptical, but not a suspicious, person, and fortunately I haven't found that this small subset is any less reliable than average.
  15. Dominiking

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    OMG. So I just got home, he was real, he was really nice and was really horny :eek::p;)
    Its funny how life is sometimes, last two guys who contacted me I had their number and they didnt show up.
    This guy, I had nothing, no number, and wanted to meet somewhere public at a specific time and he showed up on time.

    I don't know if I will continue on meeting guys who won't provide a number, a number just makes things move more smoothly and quicker.
    But its nice to know that they are some clients, who are serious in hiring and keep their word. It was a huge risk but it paid off, he wants to see me again sunday too :eek::):p
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  16. BabyBoomer

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    Glad it went well for you.

    ~ Boomer~
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  17. OliverSaks

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    Happy to hear that it paid off.

    I totally understand that this isn't some proof of concept, but it has just been my experience, too.

    I didn't really get the "absolutely not" side of this discourse; I have been stood up A LOT by clients with phone numbers. I don't think that having a number is some panacea of trustworthiness.

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  18. LivingnLA

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    Congratulations! I'm glad it worked out for you and him.
  19. abc645351

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    Glad to hear that it already happened and everything went well. I was just going to add that it makes sense that he wanted to meet somewhere else in a public place if it's a doorman building. It would probably look a little strange if you were waiting outside the building for him to come get you. Looks a lot more normal if you meet somewhere else and are just walking in together
  20. Dominiking

    Dominiking Viscount

    I wonder what everyones level of comfort is on here? Do y'all just give someone your entire address with apt number and tell them to meet you at your door. Do you give them your address but not apt number then meet them downstairs in your lobby, do you meet them someone close in the area like a starbucks or whatever. And does it depend on whether its your place, their place, or a hotel?