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  1. Erid

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    I'm looking for an escort agency with good reputation in Australia. I did a quick search on the internet and found a few agencies, but this one caught my eyes are the guys are really hot. (Is this for real? the rate is minimum $600 AUD for one hour)

    Any feedback and tips for would be greatly appreciated. If you have recommendations on independent escorts I'd love to know as well.
  2. Marlfox

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    Erid, I have no information regarding this Agency, except to say that $600 an hour is a huge amount to pay in Australia. It almost amounts to extortion! The best web site for finding escorts (that I've found) is It has more listings than rent men. You could also check out backpages, which seems to be a bit more reliable than the US editions.
    I hope you enjoy your trip down under!
  3. Erid

    Erid Journeyman

    Thanks. Do you have any escorts you'd recommend in Sydney or Melbourne? I have not made my decision on Melbourne visit yet but I'll be in Sydney for a few days. Since I will be in town for a limited amount of time, I want to find someone legitimate. I just would hate to have my time wasted on ads that do not match up to the description and pictures.

    For Melbourne, I see this guy advertise on Rentboyaustralia with his link to a backpage ad and he is the perfect type I want (just to give you an example on my interest) No face pic in the ad unfortunately.
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  4. westernsyd

    westernsyd Knight and under commercial you will find some hot guys as well.

    The laws are a little different in Sydney, so you have and www. if you want either a brothel or agency outcall service both have been in business for over 10 years

    Let us know how you do or if you need any specific questions about travelling in Sydney and Melbourne
  5. Marlfox

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    Erid, I live in Perth, on the west coast, so can't give you any personal recommendations in Melbourne or Sydney. It's not much help I know, but I will be in Sydney in May and hope to see Rick Chester (he advertises on rentboyaustralia) if he's available. When are you coming to Australia?
  6. Erid

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    Not until autumn. Want to plan ahead and check out the hiring scene there.
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  7. Marlfox

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    I assume you mean Autumn in the northern hemisphere, which is Spring down here. That's the best time to visit, not too hot or cold. In the meantime if I get any info which might interest you, I'll let you know.
  8. Erid

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    Yeah, that is what I meant. Right now, it looks like knightcall is my best bet. I am little hesitant to contact escort without any review. I know the guy from the backpage ad I show you is really hot, but I'll never know if he's a scam until I meet him. Just don't want to waste time.
  9. westernsyd

    westernsyd Knight

    I watch the sites, and could give you some indication as to how long someone has been registered, etc - feel free to ask. Knightcall has the best reputation, but lots of freelance guys available too