Meryl Streep Golden Globes

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    You can't put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. Bozo. 8 years of birther bullshit and your guy can't take one night of focus. 30 years of investigations and your guy can't handle the public discussion of his numerous failings. A simple: I was wrong and I apologize makes that thing go away. But he is never wrong. He never apologizes. Sociopaths do not have that ability or do so only as an attack. Not that I am saying he is a sociopath, I have not examined him, I am saying he has many qualities in common with them.
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    It also proves he is not infallible.
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    President Obama was constantly roasted by Fox News and other right swinging media networks, but pretty much ignored the attacks and carried on. If Trump and the hyperventilating (couldn't they shout a little softer?) Diamond & Silk keep at it, they may all be destined for either heart attacks or strokes before long. What Meryl said wasn't all that big of a deal compared to what else has been dished out and WILL be as time progresses. I do think it was a cute touch that Meryl wore her hair the same way as Hillary when giving her speech, since she knew it would add to all of the buttons she can push.
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    The first Golden Age actors I saw in person were Ginger Rogers, John Wayne, Henry Fonda and Vivien Leigh

    No wonder Bozo wants to go back five or six decades: Wayne and Rogers were well-known conservatives (Rogers' mother was far right wing), Fonda was a Democrat, but more conservative as he got older, and I have no idea about Leigh's politics.
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    Yeah, but @WilliamM , politics were so different back then. So were the two primary parties. People like John Wayne had a sense of humor and would appear on TV shows such as Maude. Trump has no sense of humor.
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    I can understand this position, as it focuses on actions rather than worries. One leans subjective, while the other is objective. However, worries at least allow for the possibility of preventing future harm while actions by definition have already occurred and the harm is already done.

    Moreover, I do notice the similarities between those U. S. citizens who are optimistic about Trump and those Germans who were optimistic about Hitler. And, yes, there were many who considered der Führer a breath of fresh air and just the man to fix the country's ills.

    It actually took years for the Nazi honeymoon to morph into the Nazi nightmare and only then, when it was too late, did folks wish they had listened more carefully to the worriers and their concerns.

    Of course, it was too late by then.


    If there's one thing we can be sure of, Mr. Trump, like Herr Hitler before him, is on record saying that there are certain groups of humans who are inferior to other groups of humans. And that's not only a worry, that's reality.

    And, if that reality doesn't worry you, you might want to spring for a canary.

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    It was no more necessary than the wasted bandwidth your posts use, only mine is making a much stronger and more significant point.

    Your barrage of useless Diamond Silk rant "cartoons" spotlights YOUR concern for Daddy's bandwidth. Double-standard much ???
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  9. Your assessment of the candidates is not others'. You seem to think your view of the candidates is the only correct one and anything else is crap. Why bother voting when we can rely on your perception and public-spiritedness to guide us?

    Also, the policy positions of the people he nominates, Trump's own statements, past and present, and the priorities of Congressional Republicans are all indicators of the new administration's policy direction. It's not all reading tea leaves.
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    What ever happened to "ignorance of the law is no defense"?

    A Yale-educated lawyer violates the laws of the land, but since it wasn't determined to be a volitional violation, she skates? sorry but the entire Elitist establishment is corrupt.
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    Yes you did...:eek:

    "I moved on her like a bitch, I couldn't get there, and she was married, then all of sudden I see her, she's now got the big phony tits and everything"
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    No harm No foul. Lol. No crime means just that No crime. Get it No Crime. Now you might have another opinion, but in this case, your opinion is worth nothing and the rule of law is the final arbiter. Should that change, then it changes but saying something is a crime and it actually being a crime is two different things otherwise donald trump's hair would be in jail.
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    Mr Trump needs to sit his ass in a library and study up and learn how to "GOVERN" instead of tweeting. His silly, irrational and childish twitter wars certainly WONT make America Great Again. But I suppose when you dont know what to do on the job you were given, find something else to do ? This philosophy wont get America very far no matter what spin Bozo and his band of merry men wants to put on it. Wait, I feel another Diamond and Silk video coming from Bozo to "solidify" his points....

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  15. This hate for the elites puzzles me. By definition, they are the best in their craft. Whatever your career is, there is an elite at the top, the more talented, brightest colleagues, the best ones, those we follow because they are the models. Whatever you are, doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, sales man, you recognize and admire and celebrate those who inspire you. Or you are one of them and you are the celebrated and admired one.
    It is sad if you cannot share that joy. It shows that you are full of resentment, and probably not very happy with yourself. You should do something about it.
    @BOZO T CLOWN , you are an artist. Perhaps you have never been talented enough to be recognized and accepted by the artists' elite? Perhaps instead of coping with your mediocrity or working harder to become better you decided to hate those you cannot belong with?
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    One thing is clear, Trump hates strong women who speak out against him.

    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    If you want to point a finger at the "haters", just look at the last two posts. It's the liberals whose angry hearts are filled with hate. The President-elect never used that word.
    Mr. Trump will make America Great Again, and that drives the left up a wall (nope. not the Great Trump border Wall)

    America Will Be Great Again
    11 days to go

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    These comparisons of Trump to Hitler are officially tiresome. Do people have NO other ammunition against what they don't understand but to compare it to the Nazis ? Pretty sure with Jared Kushner ( an Orthodox JEW) moving to Washington, to work along side his father-in-law, the Nazi party will NOT be welcome.
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    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    The comparison to Hitler is not only tiresome, it's offensive, inane, and idiotic. Just goes to show the depths that liberals are willing to sink to in their hatred of the President-elect.

    In addition to his aforementioned Orthodox Jewish son-in-law, Mr. Trump's only daughter and 3 of his grandchildren are Orthodox Jews. And as Mr. Trump has said himself, he will be the greatest friend the Jewish people and Israel have ever had in the White House. Quite a breath of fresh air after Obama, who never missed a chance to poke Israel in the eye and stab her in the back. And whose favorability with the Israeli public is about 12%, according to recent polls.

    America Will Be Great Again
    11 days to go

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