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    Elites aren't elite because their opinions are superior, or they think their opinions are superior, they are elites because they are superior in their craft. They are the best in their business.

    The fact that someone thinks he/she can speak loudly, openly, publicly of their opinions simply because they are successful in their occupation confuses me.

    For example, Ms Streep. She is an awesome actress who doesn't play Meryl Streep in her roles but becomes and plays the character in an amazing way in every one of her movies.

    I don't care for her political opinions. If she might study, learn, specialize in politics, well then maybe her political opinions would be worthy of public expression. Otherwise, her opinions and 79¢ can get a Senior Citizen a cup of coffee at McDonalds. She was arrogant expressing no humility in accepting her elite recognition. Why should we value it and why should HFPA support the dissemination of her opinion? At least, Susan Sarandon writes an op-ed occasionally.

    Any one telling me what to think or do should have some expertise in the field of endeavor. Otherwise, they are novices just as I am.

    The ability to read a script, play a role and express emotion from someone else's writing doesn't qualify a person to claim superior knowledge or even a higher moral ground much less elite status in a field they've demonstrated no more competence than the average joe.
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    I dont think she was endeavoring to express a superior knowledge, she was just expressing HER opinion on what she believed to be the injustice of another. That IS her right to do, just as the person she was speaking about expresses HIS opinion, without knowledge or expertise in the things he is speaking on, and HE is the leader of our country now. This "one way street" ideal that many of you subscribe to just doesnt fly with me. Noone is telling you to agree with her politics, but to criticize her for expressing her opinion is just Wrong. she was taking advantage of her "captive audience", just as Trump does on a daily basis. He may have won the race, but he is no better than she is nor should he be the only person afforded with FREE speech. When I think of the word "arrogant", I dont get a picture of Meryl Streep, but I DO see Donald Trump.
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  4. She is asking for empathy, damn it.
    You have all the right to listen or ignore whoever you want to. You have the right to voice your political opinions too. Some of us think that political commitment is not just a right but a civic duty and a moral obligation.
    What makes your political views relevant is not your craft. Social and political leaders come from all backgrounds, it is the quality of their vision, their ability to connect to and represent a group of people, what makes their leadership relevant.
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    That type of criticism coming from a European liberal is stunning. What's going on with Piers Morgan pointing out Meryl Streep's shocking hypocrisy? He actually sounds reasonable. Just goes to prove that even a broken clock is correct once in a while.....

    "What about the 2003 Oscars when she leaped to her feet and gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation after he was announced as winner of Best Director for ‘The Pianist?''

    Meryl Streep is a washed up has-been actress who reads lines other people write for her..... she is and always has been irrelevant...

    America Will Be Great Again
    11 days to go

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    Who has pissed off The Donald today? What will his 6:00 a.m tweet be about. Enquiring minds want to know...
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    ...when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Whatever you want. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.

    Trump may not be a has-been actress, but I was wondering... did his Hollywood Walk of Fame star get repaired yet?
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    I disagree. Meryl Streep wasn't asking for empathy. She was indulging herself and her fellow liberals who think in lockstep with her. She used her public platform (as useless as the Golden Globes and all Hollywood awards shows are, they do have an audience of millions) not to ask for empathy but to bash Donald Trump. Where was all this so-called empathy for the 13-year-old girl who Roman Polanski drugged and sodomized? Instead of showing compassion for rape survivors, especially children, Meryl Streep once jumped to her feet to applaud the child rapist Polanski. Liberals are so oddly selective with their compassion and outrage because they couldn't care less about the issues themselves but instead ask themselves one and only one question: "how does this benefit ME?"

    I rolled my eyes when I saw Trump's Streep-bashing tweet. I really wish that he'd learn some impulse control, but at this point in his life, that's highly unlikely. Trump should have used Twitter to present the other side of the story, because there's always another side to every story. In this case, Donald wasn't belittling the reporter's physical disability but his dishonest flip-flopping over a story he had written and later claimed he wasn't sure about (so why did you write it in the first place and then retract it only for the election??). Of course, liberals will ignore the other side of the story and just hammer home the "Trump mocks the disabled" narrative because that suits their purposes, but Americans who are ambivalent about Trump, especially the disaffected working class that has drifted away from the Democrats and toward Trump, just might read it. That should have been Tweet #1. Tweet #2 should have been to point out rank hypocrisy of supposedly compassionate Meryl Streep, who oddly enough wants compassion for the handicapped and child rapists. Go figure.
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    If this thread is any indication, it is going to be a very long four years :(
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    Not any longer than the last 8 years nor the 8 years before that.
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    Oh come on! People "speak loudly, openly, publicly of their opinions" all the time, whether they are famous or not, and there is nothing at all confusing about it. It's called freedom of speech. Welcome to the United States of America. I hope you'll like it here.
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    Funny, I keep thinking that if Donald Trump would study, learn, specialize in politics, well then maybe his political opinions would be worthy of public expression.
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    But I suspect not.
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    Amen to that! A lot of those (here and beyond) who object to Meryl Steep's remarks at the Golden Globes seem to resent that her fame and accomplishment give her a platform and that (oh my!) she is inclined to use it. It's as if they have never noticed that the famous and accomplished have a long history of expressing their opinions on a wide variety of subjects. As do people of no accomplishment whose 15 minutes of fame should have been up years ago -- take Sarah Palin, for example. How long have we been listening to that dope?
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    The risk of offending you almost stops me from saying this, Bozo, but I'll force myself.

    If you could ever be even approximately honest or logical, you would be a better advocate for your "cause."

    There is just no need to rebut your idiotic remark that Meryl Streep is a "washed up has-been."

    As to your attempt to diminish her (and her entire profession) because she "reads lines other people write for her," how ironic to mention that in a thread about her speaking her own mind in her own words.

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    Someone had to say it. :D
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    Why? Isn't that one of his personality traits that helped get him elected? He certainly didn't hide it throughout his campaign.
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    I asked because I hoped you had some basis for your OPINION that you were willing to share.
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