Meryl Streep Golden Globes

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    Here’s What Donald Trump Had to Say About Meryl Streep in a 2015 Interview:

    "Meryl Streep is excellent; she's a fine person, too."

    Of course, he also used to be pro-Hillary. And pro-Bill. And pro-choice. And in favor of universal healthcare. Etc., etc., etc. ...

    That was then. This is now ... nothing means anything for longer than it takes to tweet it.

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  2. longtime lurker

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    You got THAT right. Sure wish his impulse control was likely rather than highly unlikely.

    However he was better in his tweets than his fans Diamond & Silk were in that ridiculous video of theirs. (Once upon a time I did find their earliest videos oddly charming and amusing, but gradually they lost their sense of humor and became increasingly hostile.)
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  3. longtime lurker

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    I initially misread your post, @Moondance as some new statement by him and figured he suddenly started acting "presidential". Then I saw the year as 2015. Oops!
  4. WilliamM

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    As for Streep leaping to her feet when Roman Polanski won an Oscar for Best Directer (yet another attempt to change the subject), she was far from the only person standing, almost half the audience also stood up.
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  5. longtime lurker

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    What is most amusing is that, if you freeze-frame the shot, it looks like she is looking around first and then stands up because others are standing up. She is definitely NOT thinking of a grab-that-pussy moment that occurred close to 40 years ago.

    Not that we should all excuse her for criticizing The Emperor. ;)
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  6. jjkrkwood

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    And if we can be assaulted with rhetoric from Bozo's 2 favorite ghetto girls on a daily basis, certainly we should be able to listen to an educated and accomplished persons POV
  7. jjkrkwood

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    Now isnt THAT exactly the SAME thing Mrs Donald Trump did, and we were supposed to give HER a standing ovation ? Double standard much ?
  8. pubic_assistance

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    I always have a basis for my opinions or I will state that I don't HAVE an opinion on the subject. I am just not interested in arguing about it.
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    I have tremendous admiration for Meryl Streep as an actress and like many folks I know am heartened by her directly challenging and criticizing Trump at Golden Globe awards, since resistance to his administration at all levels is crucial.

    That being said, I feel obliged, as a more radical student of history, to temper extreme praise for her words and caution others to do the same. Best as I can see, Ms. Streep is an earnest Hollywood liberal and in the country's last go round with a repression that actually affected the privileged, Hollywood liberals did not have the greatest track record. When the House Un-American Activities Committee opened its hearings on Communist influence in the motion picture industry in 1947, a group of those folks, which included Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Befall, Danny Kaye and Billy Wilder, formed a Committee in Defense of the First Amendment to protest in Washington the government's witch hunt.

    However, when it became clear at the hearings that some of the "hostile witnesses" were aggressively challenging HUAC members and when frightened studio heads began to pressure these stars, they abandoned the committee, issued more tepid statements of disagreement with HUAC, expressed anger at Communist Party members who'd allegedly failed to disclose their membership, and proceeded to work throughout the 50s as their former friends went to jail.

    Let's hope that if the shit hits the fan this time, Meryl Streep steps up to the plate and makes personal sacrifices if they are necessary.

    Just saying.
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    FYI here is the complete article from Vanity Fair in 2015:

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  11. hornytwells

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    Also, did I miss something or is Roman Polanski running for president of the USA?
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  12. pubic_assistance

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    "CRUCIAL" ? Crucial to accomplish WHAT ? Show what petty children Democrats are ? It's been too many years of bureaucratic nonsense in Washington. I welcome ANY administration that actually manages to get something done that moves this country FORWARD. Do you reallllly want to be the party who stood in the way of middle class people getting their jobs back ? BADDDD strategy for the Dems.
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  13. pubic_assistance

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    Do I need to remind you guys that Donald Trump pushed every leading Republican OFF THE STAGE after eight years of Republican Politicians being stubborn and uncooperative ? BADDDD strategy.
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    I find it compelling that so many people worldwide have MAJOR concerns about Trumps impact not only on America but the global community.

    This is much more than our side lost.

    Time will tell who is right.

    I hope my fears about Trump are wrong, BUT it appears that making America great again will come at the cost of
    Black and Hispanic rights
    Gay Rights
    Womens right to choose
    Low Income people having a less financial outcome
    World Peace.

    May God Bless the Global Community including TrumpAmerica
  15. WilliamM

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    I was too young to watch the HUAC hearings on TV, but I watched as much of the Army-McCarthy hearings on TV as possible. I can understand Bacall and Bogart backing off a bit when TV's biggest star at the time, Lucille Ball, was called to testify before the HUAC,

    May I ask your source the information at the end of the post? I had no idea the Bogarts back off as far as you write.
  16. actor61

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    How short peoples' memories are. We're all shook up over Streep's comments but seem to have forgotten the Trump/Billie Bush bus conversation. "Grab 'em by the pussy" was far more offensive than anything Ms. Streep had to say. The man has the strangest sense of priorities. I've said this before but how can we trust someone who finds it necessary to respond to a movie star's comments when the real issues facing this country go unmentioned? I still remember his Tweet war with the Kahn family during the convention with a really sour taste in my mouth. Any sane candidate would have said, "I am so sorry for their loss and thank their son for his service" and moved on but this asshole had to Tweet for 3 days about how he was "viciously attacked", and suggest that Mrs. Kahn didn't speak because she was a victim of Muslim subjugation. I'm sick to death of him, his family, his nominees and Kellyanne Conway's relentless defense of all of them. The man has not even been sworn in yet and he's being swallowed by one scandal after another. His inevitable slide into oblivion has started and he has only himself to blame. But he'll blame Hillary, the Democrats, the Liberals, the Kahns, the Obamas and anybody else he can think of in the middle of the night because facing up to his own dishonesty would be too shattering. We're in for a very bumpy and disastrous ride. I fear for the future of the planet and the human race if this guy stays in power for very long. I really and truly do.
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  17. actor61

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    Thank you so much for saying what I was thinking!
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  18. WilliamM

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    infamous, not a slide into oblivion.
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    Piers Morgan is generally reviled by anyone with a modicum of intelligence, and fled the Uk to escape the constant ridicule he was subjected too, no doubt thinking his british accent could lend him some semblance of class in the USA.
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    The term 'pompous git' comes to mind.
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