Meryl Streep Golden Globes

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    Sorry, Bozo, she is still alive and lecturing, backed by the majority of American voters. And when she is gone, we have plenty of replacements.
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  2. She's alive for now. Word around Chappaqua is that Bill is horrified that she's been hanging around the house since her election night break down. He hasn't been able to fuck a hooker at home for weeks. She's throwing off his whole retirement plan !
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    And somewhat you mentioned some one being into hookers as a diminishing habit. What an irony.
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    Can you provide an example of Michelle Obama denigrating whites? If the First Lady encourages and empowers blacks that's not divisive. If you feel the you've become the "bad guy" as a result that seems to me to be an uncalled for defensive personal choice on your part.

    Maybe it would have helped you if she identified whites specifically and said, "some, I assume, are good people."
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  5. WHERE did I mention that as a "diminishing habit" ? I simply said Hillary's failure is standing in the way of all the fun.
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    I'm sure you were painting a complimenting picture of the Clintons when you mentioned hookers.
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  7. Honestly I have grown to HATE Michelle Obama SO much over the last eight years, I haven't assigned any of her denigration to memory. I DO know that I literally CRINGE when I see her.
  8. I mentioned, that BILL is retired and wants to ENJOY his life. Hillary is standing in the way of his enjoyment. If you want to read anything negative about escorts into that ....its on YOU..not me. I wish I had stolen the huge sums of money the Clintons had so I could stay home and fuck sexy men all day in MY retirement too !
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    Context is everything. But I am glad to see we share the same retirement fantasies.
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    Hate is a pretty strong word.
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  11. OK. Despise is more accurate....hate probably wasn't strong enough to describe how I feel about that woman. She undermined 50 years of race relations with her bitchy, criticisms of "white people".
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    Laughing out loud because Bozo is objecting to mentions of Hitler and the Nazi/National Socialist Party in Germany. I agree there is no comparison to Trump.

    However, Bozo, it would take someone months to count the number of time you have mentioned Donald Trump on this forum.
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    So, it's at least a possibility that your accusations are based on something completely irrational.
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    What are you talking about?
  15. Michelle Obama never wasted an opportunity to talk down to white people, for our betrayal of "her people". people were treated like SHIT for centuries. But SOME of us have been working to heal those wounds. She did nothing over the last eight years, but open the bleeding and pain again, and gave rise to angry mobs like Black Lives Matter who violently riot and attack white people for being white.
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    Speechless...I'll leave you with your hatred.
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    But you don't remember what she said about white people and when she said it because you hate her so much...
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    YET, you are OK with Trump doing the same to blacks and other ethnicities ? I have a stack of unused "white sheets" I can sell you. They just arent practical for all my "retirement sex"..
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  19. Trump is right, she's an overrated actress... :cool: LOL

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    Whenever a conservative (or in this case a libertarian) says "hate," liberals cum without touching themselves. First, liberals get a chance to get up on their moral high horse to give a finger-wagging lecture about how "hate is such a strong word blah blah blah." For liberals, this is tantamount to edging. Liberals experience ejaculation (think: Bellagio fountains) when they can use "hate" as proof positive that anybody and everybody who disagrees with them is full of hatred. Then liberals get together and congratulate themselves for how enlightened and evolved they are, the metaphorical post-coital cigarette.

    It's long been the chatter of DC that Michelle Obama hates whites, except the ultrarich ones with steamer trunks of white guilt (in other words, unexamined racism), because those kind of whites donate $millions to Democrats and are eye-poppingly obsequious to every black person they encounter.
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