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  1. John

    John Apprentice

    Would welcome hearing of experiences with escorts in Mexico City.
    Thank you.
  2. Lab12

    Lab12 Master

    Heading there tomorrow!!
  3. John

    John Apprentice

    Then let us know.
  4. 7829V

    7829V Viscount

    How was it? Anything you could share with us? :)
  5. Lab12

    Lab12 Master

    I was with one escort the whole weekend I had a lot of fun with him. Going out, romp in bed and helping with the earthquake relief effort
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  6. joselowe

    joselowe Knight

    I’m not an online escort fan but if you want to find escorts in person I’d suggest Spartacu’s gay club in Mexico City and also BB Boy Bar in Mexico City.
  7. Lab12

    Lab12 Master

    BB show bar or Boy Bar?
  8. joselowe

    joselowe Knight

    BB, I'm not a fan of Boy Bar or Botas which also have strippers. In BB you can pretty much go all the way with the dancers for money in the private room. They all go full-on penetration.
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  9. Lab12

    Lab12 Master

    just an addendum to my previous reply with regards well, it is a hit and miss with this guy, just be cautious and very clear with your expectations. Last weekend with him was not so good.
  10. Scott100

    Scott100 Newbie

    You can also meet boys right on the streets, on Paseo de la Reforma between Calle Florencia and Sevilla, and on the smaller streets around there (Hamburgo, Londres)
  11. Steveocean456

    Steveocean456 Novice

    Just returned from Sheraton Maria Isabel. I didn’t pay anyone anything and I fucked every day. Two theeesomes too. I used Grindr. I’m 6’3”, 220, hairy, masculine, 44, ddf, cut. I only have chest and cock pics. Honestly, I was amazed with the number and variety of young cute to very handsome guys who responded. No one asked for money, some were staying in the hotel but most were working in the nearby banks and offices. I was great. I even bought some viagra!
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  12. Deadlift1

    Deadlift1 Knight

    atta boy
  13. Chidude

    Chidude Knight

    You go boy!! Living your best life!! :)
  14. latbear4blk

    latbear4blk Prince

    When your inquire is about escorts out of USA it is always a good idea to check
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  15. Chidude

    Chidude Knight

    Agreed. As much as I love this forum, boytoycom has lots more info related to international adventures.
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  16. ncc1701d

    ncc1701d Viscount

    Hired Tayler off RM recently. I initally passed after he asked for typical NYC rates. He came back later to offer more market rate for the city. PM for info as no reviews here
  17. tassojunior

    tassojunior Knight

    Many years ago a friend took me to a huge gay bar with escorts somewhere close to the Zocola I think. I remember it vividly because the doorman frisked everyone for weapons going in ! It seemed fairly nice, not shabby. Although that is how I would describe most of the escorts who were at tables with older men. It seemed well-known, or at least my friend wanted me to see it. Very different.

    Does anyone know of this place and is it still there, etc? I've always thought about it and wish I knew the 411.
  18. EastbayMike

    EastbayMike Knight

    Sounds like Catorce right off Garibaldi Plaza a few blocks from the Zocalo. Later know as Ahora es Quince. Fun place, Cheap cerveza and tequila. Great stripper shows. Most of the trade were lonely horny military guys looking to get laid, earn some extra cash, and get a good night sleep off base.
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  19. tassojunior

    tassojunior Knight

    So it's closed?