Mexico - Tijuana, Juarez, Laredo and Other Border Cities

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    I haven't been there, but am interested. Since there's nothing else in here yet I hoped to jump-start it by posting what little I've found out.

    Yahoo group, looks VERY promissing:

    Couple of worthless-seeming websites, one's just selling tours and the other requires adultcheck crap to find out any info on escorts:

    Didn't find anything useful on Google either. Anybody have anything to add???
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    Please post information about Tijuana, Cd. Juarez, Laredo and other cities along the U.S. - Mexico border here.
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    RE: Tijuana

    If you go to Sergay, then to the Guia Gay, and then to Lugares and Tijuana you'll find a list of bars and discos. Two places that are listed, El Taurino and D.F. were hustler bars (especially El Taurino) when I visited them years ago. I suspect they still are; they looked like national historic monuments! ;) There's also a disco near the border that says it has go-go boys. I would be pretty sure that those go-go boys can be hired for private dances. . .

    TJ is a huge, sprawling and fairly ugly town that has grown exponentially in the past couple of decades. It's also a fairly new city, so there's virtually nothing old, historic or charming. In spite of that, TJ actually has some interesting things to do, mainly in the shopping/dining categories. There's a lot of money in Tijuana (at least parts of it) and there are a lot of fine restaurants, some in or near the Av. RevoluciĆ³n area, others in the newer Zona Rio area, near the big shopping mall, which is also worth checking out. You'll probably need to ask locally, or check guides in San Diego, for listings of currently good places. There will be superb Mexican food, of course (from many different regions of Mexico, because TJ has grown from internal migration) but also Italian, French, Chinese, etc. A cheap and wonderful old favorite on the way towards the racetrack is Carnitas Uruapan, a local monument. You just order carnitas by the half-kilo, kilo, etc.; they'll come with fresh tortillas, salsa, etc. which you use to make do-it-yourself tacos. With a beer and a great mariachi band playing it's festive and deeply Mexican. It's also delicious; my mouth waters at the memory! :p

    There's an IMAX theatre near the mall (it's the big spherical structure) that's part of an interesting museum. There used to be a film called "Pueblo del Sol" that's a superb travelogue of Mexico. If it's still playing, it's worth seeing. Don't worry about going to the English showing; the narration is only in the initial audio/visual introduction (done with slides). The film itself has no narration, as I recall, just a thrilling soundtrack and breathtaking photography.

    TJ is supposed to be a duty-free zone, so there may still be some bargains in things like perfumes and colognes. Even if there aren't, a stroll through one of the big supermarkets (like the one in the mall) is worthwhile. Lots of things to bring home if you cook, or have friends who do. You'll also croak when you see what a liter of Kahlua costs at the supermarket in TJ, compared to what it sells for across the border!!!

    From TJ you can also make an excursion down to Ensenada, about a 90 minute trip via the toll road. There are some spectacular views along the way, of the Big Sur variety. There are some good restaurants in Ensenada. Try some of the surprisingly good wines from the valleys just south of Ensenada.

    IF YOU DRIVE FROM THE U.S., BE SURE TO GET MEXICAN AUTO INSURANCE BEFORE YOU CROSS THE BORDER. You truly don't want to be involved in an accident in Mexico without it, unless you want to live out some kind of Mexican jail fantasy. There are a number of agencies that sell insurance in San Ysidro, on the U.S. side of the border. Just get off at the last exit before the border (Dairy Farm Rd.?) and then look for signs. I think you can also get it from AAA before you go, if you're a member.