Mike in Ft. Lauderdale

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by Employer, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Employer

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  2. KennF

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    I've not seen him before, but based on his style of ad, I wouldn't consider him.

    His pricing for a massage is way over the top.
    And his comment that he was voted the best masseur in the universe would probably be issued be "The MassageBiMike Universe Committee".

    I am always thrown into skepticism when someone makes an outrageous claim.

    But, I haven't tried him, so I'm only giving my impressions of his ad.
  3. Jose305

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    I wouldn't hire him 1) pics look old 2) grandiose attitude 3) way above pricing
  4. Employer

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    I was somewhat hesitant so thanks for the advice!
  5. RobRoy

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    I will not try a new masseur unless they have good reviews. Mike's reviews were outstanding and the RentMasseur site verifies the testimonials unlike Masseurfinder. So I gave him a try and yes, he is all that. And absolutely no attitude. What he does have is a charming sense of humor which explains "best in the universe." Even before meeting him, I thought that statement was a fun way to differentiate himself from countless therapists claiming they are the BEST.

    Anyway, the reviews are what they are. Everything about the experience with Mike is incredible.