Montreal bars and Christmas

Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by Ichabod, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Ichabod

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    Does anyone know if the Montreal stripper bars are open Christmas Eve and Christmas night? I have emailed them to ask, but bars are not great at checking their email (or responding to it).

  2. Ichabod

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    Stock has emailed to say that they will be closed both nights.
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  3. AvengingDanno

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    I am sure that my friend spent a Christmas Eve at Campus or Taboo once a few years ago (20 years ago). He doesn't remember which.
  4. mcbg22

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    Campus will be open. Was there last weekend and the DJ mentioned it.
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  7. Ichabod

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    Just got back from Montreal; had a good time at the stripper bars. They were busier than I expected, although one of the dancers at Stock was complaining last night that no one wanted to do privates, even though there were quite a few customers. The city took the Christmas tree down on December 28th, which seems a tad early; I guess they got tired of the ridicule. The other news is that there's a lockout at the Hotel Gouverneur. Management locked out the staff in mid-December. They've been trying to run the hotel with about 20 managers doing all the work of the huge staff. Loud picketing out front several days this week. I am glad I was not staying there this time.