Montreal--Bourbon complex is active again

Discussion in 'Street Scenes' started by LurkerSpeaks, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. LurkerSpeaks

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    Just returned from montreal.. wanted to let others know that the hustler scene has returned to the bourbon complex again.There were several to many boys there every night i was in town. The two i met were willing to give bj's for 30 and 40$ respectively, but neither was able to get an erection himself.
  2. Luv2play

    Luv2play Earl

    I've had the same experience recently. Drugs are just ruining those bois!:-(
  3. Hornplatz

    Hornplatz Master

    I've been to Montreal seven times but have never heard of the "bourbon complex", what and where is it?
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  4. brettnyc

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    you're a few years too late...the Bourbon complex was a French Quarter style restaurant / bar / club complex on Ste. Catherine that has been out of business for a few years now -
  5. nynakedtop

    nynakedtop Count

    ... but it is an interesting opening into a discussion of the state of Ste. Catherine - it used to be my go to area for fun on my many trips to Montreal, but it did start to look a bit rough around the edges my last few journeys there (not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that, I may add!)
  6. Hornplatz

    Hornplatz Master

    Thanks. A favorite Italian restaurant in the Village on Ste. Catharine also was gone on my visit this past August.
  7. Ichabod

    Ichabod Apprentice

    I have been wondering about "the state of Ste. Catherine" (as nynakedtop called it) too. All those vacant buildings! That seems like prime real estate. Why is it not being redeveloped? It certainly seems like there is plenty of construction going on in the city. Does anyone know if there are specific issues in Montreal that make it hard to get permits, or hard to get redevelopment loans? Or anything about the neighborhood? It strikes me every time I'm there.