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    Stripper bar in Montreal, Canada
    1111 Rue Ste Catherine Est
    Metro station: Beaudry

    On East Side in Gay Village on Rue Ste Catherine, on 2nd floor.
    15 good restaurants within 10 minute walk
    1 minute walk to Stock and 10 minute walk to JP's and TABOO

    Open 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. every day of the year.
    Never a cover charge.
    Large hemispherical stage. and tiered seating and tables all around room.
    One bar during day and a second bar at night; extra seating at night as curtain is pulled back and additional space is provided.

    Dancers perform in groups of 3; first a slow dance in clothes and stripping, then a fast dance totally nude.
    Half a dozen dancers start at 3:00, then more come each hour. By 5:00 there are about 20 twinks ranging from young-and-slender to full bodied gorgeous young men; by 6:00 there are 30. Prime time for twink dancers is 6:00-9:00, but the period from 3:00 to 9:00 is for twinks. At 9:00 they are replaced by big muscular guys who dance, and another 30 guys appear and the twinks leave.
    Plenty of space and opportunity to meet dancers before 7:00. Later the club tends to be packed.

    Between performances, dancers circulate in briefs or jeans and sit and chat with customers.
    If you see a dancer who interests you but does not walk by your table, it is perfectly acceptable, and recommended by management, that you get up and go to him and ask him to join you.
    Lap dance booths in back offer total privacy. Currently, dancers ask $20 per song for a lap dance behind closed curtain and with contact. If you ask, $10 / song with no contact and curtain open, just looking. But other variations are possible with negotiation, number of customers/dancers, busyness, etc. The afternoon dancers tend to be mostly gay, the evening guys more gay-for-pay but nice.

    Largest number of dancers on Thurs, Fri, and Sat. There are theme nights, Ladies Night, etc.
    Perhaps the best gay stripper bar in the world.
    It is OK to invite dancers for lunch or dinner the next day; some will accept and others decline. Do not be offended if they decline; dancers have other lives and responsibilities on their time. But a nice meal with a cute, sweet French/Canadian boy can be very enjoyable.
    Probably offers the best opportunities of any bar for a good time with strippers.

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  2. Battle

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    My favorite strip club of all time.
    Personable good looking dancers, reasonable drink prices, and
    a very accomodating video lottery terminal that paid for the
    entire trip!!
    Jordan still visits me in my dreams.
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    On my first visit ever to Montreal in September of 2011, I had an incredible time at Campus. I love muscle - bodybuilders to toned swimmer's build. I found plenty to keep me busy from 5:00 when I arrived to when I had to leave for the night. IT is true that the bigger muscle guys come later in the evening but some came as early as 6:00 or 7:00. I have to agree that this is one of the best strip clubs in the world!
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    I don't think Campus still has curtains in the back, does it? I don't recall but I always go for full touch $20 per song anyway, lol
  5. Despardo

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    No curtains, but it seems to matter very little, and $20 seems to be the norm.