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  1. EZEtoGRU

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    I think Mr Seed only danced at Stock very briefly. I never saw him there in person and never seem him on the live feed which I watch frequently.
  2. Aquario

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    I saw him once at the Montreal Pride. All I can say is wow!
  3. mixer17

    mixer17 Master

    Word is that William Seed was only there two weeks and decided it wasn't for him. Also heard he does privates but for a really steep amount.
  4. happyguy2

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    I really look forward to a report from you on your adventure. As everyone else has told you, observe from the back for a while or hook up with an experienced guy from this site. I would suggest two things: have no preconceived ideas, a guy on their website might appeal to you but once you are there, you never know which dancers will "click" with you. This happens while they move about the room and chat - it also happens during the dance. The second thing is take guys for a test drive and don't be afraid to end the dance early, after one song - and leave the door open for more later. Finally, I have found as as the dance goes on, the guy will become more comfortable with you and you with him - and sometimes, that's when the magic can happen.
    Have fun!
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  5. AvengingDanno

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    I know this is a few months old - is Kenzo back/still at Campus? It's been a while since I've been.
  6. Boy4

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    I was there over NYE... don’t know if he is still there.
  7. mixer17

    mixer17 Master

    Kenzo is at campus.
  8. Stephan

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    What happend to DL? Does he still hangout at Stock and Campus? I haven't seen him on the Stockbar live feed.
  9. mixer17

    mixer17 Master

    DL, Is that the full name?
  10. Hoover42

    Hoover42 Viscount

    "DL" === "Drunk Lawyer"
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  11. mixer17

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    I asked a few of the newer dancers, who’ve been there for around six months or so and they didn’t know who I was talking about. Apparentlt the new bigshots who the dancers flock around are older asian ladies, mostly from China.
  12. mixer17

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    When I was there there was one who was giving out cash periodically just for sitting next to her.
  13. Hoover42

    Hoover42 Viscount

    I hope that was on ladies night.
  14. azdr0710

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  15. traxton

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    DL was also known to give cocaine and a medley of other drugs to dancers at the back, and would want the dancers to take the drugs with him. Of course, given that quite a few dancers are drug-heads, it was a win-win. I'm all for DL being MIA! He sucks the attention from the entire club with all the dancers hovering around him.
  16. newatthis

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    I have mixed feelings about that. He's been a fixture on the scene for so many years that I kind of miss seeing him at least once a summer. Also -- the dancers who are not part of his favored group feel very neglected when he's around and enjoy hanging out and complaining about him, not to mention being open to negotiation about dances. :)
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  17. Tweetybird

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    I have seen this guy DL as you call him at both Stock and Campus.
    He doesn't bother me, hes spending tons of money at the clubs and on the dancers so who cares ? How much do you spend?
    It sounds like a couple of you are jealous because his life and money allows him to blow thousands of dollars per night on strippers and you cant.
    His presence at either club never stopped me from enjoying the dancers I wanted to see even if they were part of his pose.
    I say let the guy live and enjoy his wealth.
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  18. Tweetybird

    Tweetybird Newbie

    Try waving a few hundred dollar bills around, I bet the strippers pay attention to you.
  19. traxton

    traxton Journeyman

    Not jealous. I'd rather have a fair playing field than have dancers I like not leaving his side to talk to me.

    You sound very pressed btw. Do you wave hundred dollar bills at strip clubs to get attention?
  20. Stephan

    Stephan Journeyman

    He's fun to watch on the online live stream.