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  1. I think in your reply you may have pointed out an internalization of your own. I notice the word "created" was used which I take the meaning as it was done in the past. In my opinion, today, Labels are NOT important. If I owned a business, specifically a male strip club, I am there to make money from people buying drinks. I would not care if the help I hired fucked goats...if they do their job and bring people into my establishment and I can make a great living. Just my two cents. :)
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  2. P Gren

    P Gren Master

    Which business do you own?
  3. LoveNDino

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    I consider my week in Montreal as lost in the best way possible. I'm scared to go back on my own. I'm just not going to be able to contain myself. Those men are just......excuse me while I clutch my pearls.
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  4. john1973

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    Definitely paradise for fans of gorgeous, accomodating, and not prohibitively expensive male strippers.
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  5. Poppie

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    A veritable buffet to be sampled over and over again. And with the current exchange you get 36% more bang for your US buck.
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  6. P Gren

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    Who are your favorite dancers at the club ... and why?
  7. Despardo

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    Carl who is a sweetheart.
    Max who is hot and friendly.
    Junior is quite the stud.
    Joshua who I did not get to meet--damn!

    all of the above at Stock

    at Campus:

    Felix who is friendly and accommodating.
    Pepe who is a muscle mountain and offers a very good time.
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  8. bigvalboy

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    Thanks...two thumbs up. Leaving for Montreal next Friday. Haven't been in years, so this is a good heads up.
  9. Despardo

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    Have fun. It is hard not to. Wish Montreal were closer to Seattle--takes a full day to get there by air with a stopover in Toronto.
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  10. SundayZip

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    @P Gren, I recommend that you boycott the gay strip clubs in Montreal until they've hired a mix of gay/straight employees that meets your standards. That would be best for all parties involved. (PS. I will not be joining your boycott)
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  11. I am going Wednesday; it's a full day of travel from Tucson too, but it will be fun to explore the clubs again; Montreal is celebrating its 375th birthday, so it should be a fun time to be there!
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  12. EZEtoGRU

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    Just a quick update. Junior and Joshua no longer dance at Stock. I think Carl is still a listed dancer but I haven't seen him lately. Max is definitely still there.
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  13. P Gren

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    Haha. What are you on about? Why do you want to boycott gay run (oops sorry did I use a label there) businesses?
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  14. Sydneysider

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    Keep an eye out for Alex in Stockbar. He does not appear on the website but he's a regular at the club. He's handsome, very sexy and so friendly. I had dances with him 3 nights in a row. Yeah, that is how I was smitten by him. I wish I had more money when I was there in December.
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  15. Despardo

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    Thanks for the update.
  16. I do not own a business in Montreal.
  17. Chidude

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    I love Montreal and usually do Campus as the first stop of the evening for a few hours before closing out the night at Stock. It's always been a winning combo for me ;-P I second the kudos for Carl and Max - both very sweet and sexy. I'm surprised junior is no longer there considering he's the reigning Stock Idol. Perhaps he's taking the summer off.

    I do wonder about if I should try Lux or Taboo? Never been to either as I spend all my time at Campus and Stock during my visits. But I will be in Montreal for a four day weekend in a few weeks (Thurs-Mon) and may swing by lux or taboo on a Thurs evening to check it out. Any input?
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  18. EZEtoGRU

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    You might see Junior dancing at Campus;)
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  19. john1973

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    Definitely visit Lux. Curtains are floor to ceiling. And the handsome, friendly Derek might still be dancing there.
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  20. bigvalboy

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    Manny many thanks to all for the tid bits ;) of information. Leaving in a few days and this is much appreciated.