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    I am visiting London in a month and now I am seeing who I wanna hire.

    Body type-wise I typically go for athletic/muscled or twink/next-door types of guys. Ethnicwise I have a special place in my heart for caucasian and black/arab. Position-wise I prefer versatile or tops. I am still quite inexperienced, so they should have a nice personality and be able to teach me how to take a big cock. Finally, I also like the idea of domination.

    Who would you suggest (he doesn't necessarily have to fulfill all criteria except vers/top. If you know a Latino who would be perfect, hit me up)?

    On a side note: I came across Alex Around London ( who seems to have a great personality in addition to a very cute body. Does anybody have any experience with him?

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    He is pretty cute, isn't he, I think he might be my twink :)

    Other suggestions - in the more hunky/athletic/muscled department? :)
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