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    I am planning a trip to Morocco and all the guide books mention that hustlers are everywhere to be found, but there is no place to take them back to. Has anyone been to Morocco who can report on gay-friendly hotels to bring guys back to? I'm going to be in Agadir, Tangier, Marrakesh, and Casablanca.

    Does anyone have any experiences to share or hotels/houses to recommend?

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    in fact it's more difficult to find a place to go than to find a man (or two or three).
    There are NO gay-friendly hotels in Morocco.
    None of the bigger hotels will allow local guys to get with you into your hotel.
    If you find a someone for a little fun they will know where to go. These will be small pensions and you might need to pay some extra Dirham to have the receptionist to look the other direction...
    As said, the locals will know where to go. Have your ID (or at least a copy)at hand.

    There are fewer problems if you travel with a companion if he's reasonably dressed.

    If you're looking for more privacy try to rent an appartment. Especially in Agadir that's not a problem. Just ask the guys approaching you.

    Be discret. It's not a good idea to be too open in Morocco.

    Moroccan men can be very affectionate. Especially younger men might be charming and just fun to be with. They might be gay or just curious. It's easy to fall in love with them. But of course there are also some very professional hustlers.

    Have fun, take care and bring your own condoms and lube.

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    I do not have great experience in Marocco, but if it is like in other arab country, though it is quite easy to find boy, it is rather difficult to find passiv or versatile one....

    I would be happy to ear that this statement is untrue as I love arab style.

    best regards
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    Is it better than Spain?
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    Yeah, Morocco is full of rentboys. .you can find them in many places. The best cities are Fes, Marrakesh, Tangier and Casablanca. You can find street rentboys from very very young to 30-40 yo. The trouble is the hotel. It is not possible to go to a hotel with a local. Yeah, you can find bottom rentboys (especially among younger).
    How to solve the trouble about hotel?
    One: you can rent an appartament or a house.
    Second: You can go with the boy to another city and to go to a hotel: you do the Check in asking for a double room for two, becasue both are friends and both are traveling through the country. No problem. Since the boy will also be "tourist" in that city.
    About prices: a very young rentboy between 300 to 500 dirhamns (depends on city, boy etc): about 30 to 50 Euros, about 32 $ and 55 $.