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  1. john1987

    john1987 Novice

    Hey guys

    I'm gonna be in Munich a week from Wednesday onwards. Who can you recommend? Next-door/athletic looks please! :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. MscleLovr

    MscleLovr Viscount

    No recommendations, except to check online at aka gayromeo (where it's free to register/join)
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  3. john1987

    john1987 Novice

    I've done that and contacted one who seems to have good reviews and is super hot, but he hasn't responded.
  4. gayray

    gayray Journeyman

    HI John, I saw that you were in Munich in November. Did you meet any good escorts that you can recommend? Thanks.
  5. john1987

    john1987 Novice

    Well, I met up with "Angel4ever" who happened to be in Munich while I was there. He was super hot but the sex was a bit boring. I had tried to meet up with another escort (as mentioned above), and when we finally got a date set up, he ignored me on the day we were supposed to meet. He is well reviewed on PlanetRomeo though, but he has since moved away.
  6. gayray

    gayray Journeyman