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    Not fake ads
    Just so you know these ads are not fake because I met with them and had a terrific time!
    Zeb Atlas
    Mitch Vaughn
    Tristan Baldwin
    Apollo Phoenix
    Rafael Alencar
    Avi Dar
    Nick German
    Tony Bishop
    Derek Atlas
    Arpad Miklos
    Peter Hung
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  2. at least one of them is dead
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  3. big-n-tall

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    Zeb and Apollo, I believe, only sees regulars. I'm not sure how many of those they still see. They both haven't advertised for years. I would consider them retired. They appear to have other endeavors going on. Nick definitely retired some time ago.

    And as Eric has commented, Arpad passed away years ago.

    All the rest are still up for grabs, as far as I know. :p
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    The porn fan world continues to wait for Zeb to take it. He teased fans years ago to be pegged by a girlfriend in a video, but in it he declines.
  5. big-n-tall

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    I doubt it will ever happen. He's got other profitable endeavors, that for now his porn career is done. However, as they say, never say never. Maybe he'll make a comeback. :)