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    On Facebook I somehow befriended a young stud from Myanmar. I’m a curmudgeon who’s new to that platform. Thru this “friend” I’ve been befriended by a rash of hot muscular Burmese guys. It looks like what Thailand may have been in the old days.

    Does anyone have experience traveling in Myanmar and dealing with the boys there?
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    it's a fascinating place. No experience dealing with the boys as you put it, but in general I found the people there to be very hospitable just like everywhere else in SE Asia. (Unless you're a "Bengali" I suppose...) I actually visited the west (Arakan/Rakhine) a few months before everything went to hell and met a really sweet group of college boys who wanted to practice their English on me. My gaydar pinged pretty hard but it's possible they were just being nice. Unfortunately I only got to spend a little time with them before I had to leave for the airport.