"Neither a Borrower or a Lender Be"....

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  1. I find your honesty about yourself refreshing. Good post sir! :)
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  3. I would stop here. Nobody needs to give reasons.
  4. Actually, yeah, doing something nice for her would really boil her bacon. :)
  5. The last time I looked at their steamers, I think I saw some vintage ones, that had ironing boards and heaven knows what else that folded out. It was like Jetson's-Age traveling in the time of Joan Crawford. It was awesome.
  6. I can't lend any more. I've had too many people re-lend my stuff out to third parties!
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    I disagree. I think that a good friend deserves a reason. Just saying "no" seems cold and insensitive, but that's just me.
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    Steamer trunks? Who’s buying steamer trunks? Who’s still traveling by steamer? And they certainly won’t fit in an overhead or beneath the seat in front of you. Lol
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    They make awesome accent pieces for your home. Can be used as a coffee table or side table, or for storage at the foot of your bed. And if the Titanic is ever put back in service, you're all set !
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    These Days, I like to travel LIGHT !


    My BAG Handler

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  12. Then how about, "I'm not comfortable lending these bags. I'm sorry."?
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    lol...You're funny. I just don't see the big deal in spending an extra 20 seconds to give a complete explanation. Are you really that short on time? I think I'll stick to my way, and by all means, you should do it your way...
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    I know someone who's a Louis Vuitton salesperson. She said you'd be surprised by how often people buy steamer trunks, despite their exorbitant cost and questionable practicality. She said the buyers use them for their private jets.
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  15. Not short on time: the complete explanation gives the borrower leeway to argue. I'd rather not give them that leeway.