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    Last week I hired an escort who is originally from Madrid (Spain), but frequents Miami and New York. He has a ripped body, naturally smooth, and speaks very little English.

    I hired him for two nights back in October of last year, for which his charge was $2,ooo. When I bought him round-trip flight back then, he wanted me to send him $500 ahead of time in case something happened to me and he wasn't stuck in L.A. without anyone (my thought at that time was if I'm flying him out with a round-trip ticket, there should not be any advance payment). I told him although reluctant, I would send him only $200, to which he agreed. My initial thought was that I'm going to be taken for $200. I was horny, liked his pics, and I paid. Well he missed his flight, and rebooked on a later flight.

    Everything on that "date" worked out okay, but I only had a few issues. He smoked, and I tasted cigarette smoke in his kisses. It was hard to communicate, because it was done through Google Translate. On his last day, he wanted to get a swim suit. I offered to drive him to Nordstrom Rack, and he found lots of deals there. He found so many deals he liked, he even bought a new suitcase there, racked up $500 worth of merchandise, and expected me to pay for it. I told him I'll only give him $100 of it as a tip, as I enjoyed our time in the sack.

    Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. He reached out to me stating he was in the U.S. again, and wanted to know if I wanted to hire him again for a couple nights. Horny me looked at his pictures again, and thought, "Why not?" So I bought him a round trip ticket from Miami to L.A., and this time he showed up again. He didn't even ask me to send him money up front this time, so I guess I thought we had a trust built up...or so I thought. I took him to Venice after arrival at the airport, since he'd never been, and he seemed to like it. When we got back home, he got naked in my backyard, and wanted to go at it right there. However, before he began, he asked me to put the money in an envelope on the dresser next to the bed. Immediately, my once horny mood quickly dissipated. To avoid conflict, I told him that I would not pay the entire payment up front, but would put half his payment there now, and the other half when he left. He agreed, and we proceeded to "get down". However, he was "rougher" with me this time with his "member", just shoving it in both holes, along with several fingers in which the fingernails were not properly trimmed. He even forced "it" down my throat thinking I liked it rough that way too. I did not. We then moved to my bathtub where he peed in the water while making out (I could feel the stream with my hand). When we moved to the bedroom and finished, he asked "where I wanted it". I said my chest would be fine. However he put his dick in my mouth and "finished" there. I almost said, "In my fucking mouth?!?!?!? Are you kidding?!?!" It pissed me off. When I wanted to cum, he seemed to be scared of me cumming on HIS chest, so I just finished in his hand. It wasn't a good time for me. Also the cigarette breath was still there.

    Later that night I bought tickets for a local night club. I planned on grabbing a bite to eat, working out with him, and then going to the night club. When it came time for dinner, he said he just wanted a protein shake, and then to work out. So I grabbed a small bite to eat, and worked out with him. Afterwards, I told him we only had a small window of opportunity to eat on the way to the club if he still was hungry. He declined. Once we got in the club, he said he was hungry, but I told him we can't go out and come back in again. There was a taco cart on the patio, so that's what he ate. Barely five minutes into the club, he said this isn't what he expected, and wanted to go to West Hollywood instead. I told him I was too tired to drive there, and that he might take an Uber there. I was going to tell him, "If you take an Uber there tonight, don't come back to my house!", but I refrained. He started talking Spanish to a doorman, and found out he could get marijuana further from my house by midnight. When I went back in to dance, he got all frustrated that we had to leave to get to the dispensary by midnight. Since I was horny and wanted to have a "little" before bedtime, I reluctantly agreed.

    When we got home, I asked him to sleep naked with me. Instead, he put shorts, and a shirt on and said it was cold (I had the heater on, so I'm calling bullshit on that). We did it last time I had him over, so I expected the same this time. I like to fall asleep spooning with someone, and do the same when I wake up. It didn't happen. When we woke up, I asked him to play around. He said he was hungry and wanted to eat first. Again, since I was horny, I made him breakfast. He demanded that I go out and buy him "pan" (bread) since I didn't have any. I should have said, "Suck my dick, and I'll get you some pan!" LOL

    The next few hours grew awkward. It was close to 2 in the afternoon. He kept talking on his phone, and taking selfies of himself by my pool and garden. I finally said one last time, "Come in and let's play around." He then said, "Put the rest of my money on the dresser and we'll have sex". Well, that was it for me. It finally killed it. He also stated that more sex is more money. I told him it doesn't work that way for an overnight, or multiple nights. One of my escort friends even agreed that it is expected to play around upon arrival, before bed, and in the morning, to which I said, "Right??"

    I called two of my friends who are escorts themselves, and they both agreed, "Tell him to get the fuck out!" My best friend even said that if he was in town, he'd come over and kick the shit out of him. Since everything had been through Google Translate for the most part, my best friend who speaks Spanish started going off on him, and he didn't know what to say. He still demanded the rest of the money, to which I stated, "Absolutely not". He said this is his job, and "you have to put gasoline in the car to keep it going". I promptly replied, "Well, either you have a leaky gas tank, or your car isn't getting good gas mileage!" "If this is your job, and I am paying you, you work for me, and do what I want to do. Not the other way around!" I told him that he broke the camel's back by asking for money once again, and it absolutely killed the mood. I felt being taken advantage of, and wanted no more of him. I told him the least I could do was to give him the money for a ride and hotel, to which he finally agreed. It was a very awkward situation, and I just wanted him out. I'm glad I had the support from my two friends.

    I even wrote some notes on my phone as he stayed with me, so I would know never to hire him again, and to never let the small head overrule the big head.
    -Took my workout supplements without asking
    -Grabbed the wrong towels without asking (the right ones to use were right next to him on the counter)
    -Forceful sex
    -Always on the phone
    -Wanted all the money up front
    -Smoked cigarettes in my car AND house without asking
    -Bad cigarette breath
    -Ate on his own schedule
    -Wanted to leave the club and get pot, and waited 1/2 hour for him at the store
    -Peed in my bathtub as we made out in the water
    -Did not sleep naked with me
    -Asked for a foreign power adapter, and since I didn't have one, wanted me to go out and get him one
    -Shaved his legs on my bathroom floor
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    Christ, that sounds like an awful experience. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. We had that thread a few days ago about escorts asking for money upfront, this would fit right in. I just can't wrap my head around taking advantage of someone like that.

    Considering your username...oh Jesus :eek:
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    Yeah, it ranked up with one of worst experiences yet. The other being chased down Hollywood Blvd by an escort who used false pictures of himself, but still wanted to be paid. I wrote about it here a couple years ago.

    Only the minds in this forum think my moniker means "Fist Fucker Dave", when in reality it meant "FireFighter Dave". I guess I should change it to "captdave"'since I've promoted a few times since I first made that moniker. Lol
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    "I had to run for my life tonight" was certainly more dangerous than this situation.

    I'm sorry this happened to you.

    I hope you plan on submitting a review to Daddy and to RM.

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    Holy shit, what a read.
    Not only don't pay money up front, I don't think I ever want to do an overnight.

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    I will admit....I really want to know who this guy is. Some he can be avoided!
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  7. He should be on The No Fly List....Save everyone the trouble and write a review..
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    Well that's an awful experience......and an expensive one.......

    Here is quick caveat about writing reviews........blackmail.

    Hired and escort while out of town, and alone as I am married. When I showed up, had an less than good experiences I wrote mediocre performance review, both here and on his rent men profile. Because the final directions and timing directions were done via text messages on my phone, when he saw the negative reviews, he used reverse Look up technology you can buy for $29.99 and found my name, home address, my fraternal orginization I belong to, board of directors I sit on, everything. About me including my spouses name. He then contacted me on my work email as he was able to find my place of employment. So far he just demanded I take down the the less than stellar reviews and has not demanded money. Which I hope is not a part of my future. It's been just one month so far. Time will tell.

    It's looks like a burner phone is in my future.
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    Can you tell us who so we know whom to avoid?
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    Oh gosh I’m so sorry. This is beyond awful. Thank you so much for sharing.
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    Terrible situation sorry for the rough experiences- not everyone out there is genuine and comes through like they say they will ..... imagine that. Always safer to meet with the guy of your choosing and have a session or two before coming to an absurd amount of 2,000 for an over night. Just my opinion though.
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    This is awful and very sorry for your experience... it is a shame that some of these escorts. Have this way thinking that money grows on trees... I bet he has better stuff than you -- LV bag, nice watch, and still cries "car needs gas." JuSt shame on him and such people... hope you expose him and he loses future business -- no room for cheats like that!
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    Sorry this happened. I know the first time, things sort of went well, but the 2nd time, who would have guessed? I guess it's better to communicate and set up SEXpectations upfront. I'm not usually confrontational and will usually just go along with things (plus, i want to avoid being killed or hurt if i deny them $). The best encounters are ones for me where they perform wonderfully, do everything and surprise you with extras, leaving me wanting more. I can only count the number of positive overnights I've had on one hand (usually, in europe with the cheap ones who charge 400 or 500 for an overnight). One russian boy i met last year was a great lover, adept, clean, and eager to please before bed, while sleeping, and in the morning- all done intuitively and eagerly. Here in the US i only meet guys for any hour as I am loathe to host overnight boys that require feeding, entertaining, and driving around. After sex, i just want to clean my sheets and go to sleep with my cat and dog. Anyhow, i totally empathize with your situation and thank you for sharing.
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    As he finally left you should have said
    If any public harm were to befall you, you could sue. Discrimination because of sexual orientation is against the law. Maybe go after him too.
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    Why does all of this happen? You guys are thinking with your little head.
    I've never experienced anything but the best (well, twice but once was simply chemistry, the other time the guy was certifiable but it was before I discovered this Forum. He has many threads.)
    When I say "the best," I mean it. Never a problem, never but the best vibes, never had to worry that this isn't the guy in the pix or about pay up front.
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    Sounds like he took advantage of your kindness :( I don't know how these other escorts are so ballsy... Im so appreciative they hired me in the first place that I obey all their rules and try not to be too much of a pain in their ass :p ;)
    Its like some of these escorts think the world revolves around them because they are so hot that they try to do as little as possible in meetings to get their rate. If someone takes me out for food or shopping my first instict is always to pay for my side, then if they offer i would choose the cheapest thing on the menu or store. I just am grateful that someone finds me beautiful to want to spend time with me that I want to treat them as good as they treat me

    I understand its an overnight and sex doesn't have to occur every time second but damn reading your story sounds like he's the client and he gets to do whatever he wants. I would say don't fly out escorts anytime soon. Choose someone nearby or at least someone that lives near a amtrak train stop so you can send their ass home without feeling too bad lol, and start with an hour meet up, then two hours, build up slowly because that hot escort you have a great time in a short 1-2 meet up you won't have the same amount of fun in an overnight. Some escorts are just good for sex, while others are the entire bfe package muah ;):D
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  18. At the risk of sounding like Trump, who I abhor, with this guy I'd meet force with equal force and raise the ante. You can ruin his career with a bad review, and if he asks for money its extortion, a crime. If the ask is in a text or email, you've got evidence. He's never to contact you again, and if he does you'll file a complaint with the authorities and show them the evidence. You don't have to follow through, just use a firm tone to make this asshole worry that you will. Bullies are cowards.
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    Welcome back to @Kerryslate ...many here are hoping you're doing well and keeping it balanced!
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    This was the second time I had hired him. I frequently will fly someone in for a night or two if they look hot (smooth and muscular) to me. I've had several good encounters this way with some I hire back, some that were mediocre that I never hire again, and now this guy.

    This was two nights for $2,000. $2,000 for an overnight IS absurd.

    He has a Gucci suitcase, and bought all kinds of name-brand stuff on his first shopping spree.

    Yes, this guy acted like the boss. I usually am too nice, and people take advantage of this.

    I am in the process of writing a review. Hopefully it gets published.
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