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    I was in Miami last week and was told by 3 different dancers about a new strip club in Miami. It was extremely difficult to get accurate and detailed information but was told it's somewhere in Miami off of I-95 and called Zyrcus (pronounced like "circus"). I could have the spelling wrong but there is a "z" somewhere in the name. I couldn't find anything when I googled but was told there the club had a page on Facebook (again, couldn't find it). One of the dancers also told me that Matt (I believe that his name), formerly of Swinging Richards, is or will be involved in the club.

    Sorry for the lack of concrete details but has anyone heard anything about this place? Thanks
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    The only place i can think of is Azucar near SW 32nd, however I am not sure if it is strip club. Currently, it is more of drag shows and cabarets. If they are converting it to a strip club then I am not aware of it but that will be a good and healthy competition for floppy rooster.
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    I got a text message from a dancer telling me about it, too. He said it's all nude, bigger club than Floppy Rooster. Here's what I found:

    I won't make it down to check it out for a month or two, so hoping someone closer will & will fill us in......
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    Saw this on facebook where there is a JohnsonsMiami page
    From Dec 29 post:
    Soon Zirkus Miami will switch to Johnsons Miami. Matt Colunga formally of Swinging Richards Atlanta, Miami and Pompano will be taking over the club in mid January. Come by and say hi to all your favorite entertainers. Stay tuned for more info. The new website is under construction. South Florida's largest and best gay male strip club. Full nude, alcohol, VIP lounge and rooms, shower scene, serving til 5am.
    From post yesterday
    Our website is currently under construction and will be up and ready before our re-grand opening and charity auction on January 20th.

    Address/phone # noted on page:

    728 Nw 78th st
    Miami, Florida

    (305) 742-5810
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    Yes thanks for the info. It looks like it's easier to get to from Ft L than Flop R; I'll be there in 2 weeks and can attend the opening night! Jan 20, which happens to be the Inauguration Day of the orange Dumpf.
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  7. Lab12

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    Will be in Washington DC on that day, I would have been there!!!
  8. bigvalboy

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    Opening nights are ALWAYS fun...;) (Keep us posted)
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  9. brettnyc

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    From the looks of their social media sites, the club is now open / and some favorable reviews have been posted.
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    I have to try this club!
  11. dewey66

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    I received notice from Johnson's that they were planning on opening on the 13th with the grand opening on 20th, but they are still putting the finishing touches on the place. Since they are still tweaking their facility, the won't be opening on the 13th, but will be still be holding the grand opening on the 20th at 8pm. There will also be a charity auction, so bring lots of cash -- who knows what (or who) may be up for auction??!! And, there will be at least 30 dancers to welcome you.
    It looks like the place is off I95, so its easier to get to than another club that is by the airport.
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  12. brettnyc

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    Anybody attending the opening tonight -- please give us a report. Hope to hear that Johnson's is fully erected now.
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  13. 66dewey66

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    I attended the Grand Opening of Johnson's last night. So, here's a report:

    I got there a little after 8pm. Place is easy to find, right off I95 exit 7 in Miami. The neighborhood is pretty scary, but the parking lot is very well lit, chain link fence, valet parking (which were 2 hot Latino men) and police security at the gate.

    The doorman was Travis from the old Swinging Richards. He has been hitting the gym hard, and it shows!!! Entrance was $10, so very reasonable for a Friday night.

    I got a seat, and there were lots of seats - which you won't find at Boardwalk or Floppy Rooster. I had a waiter, who was of course HOT. The bartending staff is INCREDIBLE! The back bar held the most muscled sexy stud!

    The stage is in the middle of the floor and well lit, another big plus compared to Floppy Rooster. There is a back VIP section. For $10 you can sit at a private bar and watch a stud dance. You can also get lap dances and private rooms. Again, a lot better than the other places.

    The dancers were hot, and who would have thought differently? Most were well muscled white guys with a mix of hot blooded Latinos. It was good to see a few of the Swinging Richards boys dancing. The time off did not hurt them, especially Nick, who has put some more thickness on his already perfect butt!!!

    Spent some great time in the lap dance area. It is in the VIP area, but dark and private.

    All in all, it was a great experience and well recommended. This is definitely the best place to see gorgeous men from entrance to leaving. The only draw back was it advertises nude dancing, but it took a long time before the main room dancers started peeling clothing off, but the dancer in the VIP was not as shy,LOL!

    Even with the nudity snafu (which I was assured would be addressed or should I say undressed), Johnson's is the new gold standard by which all other Miami gay bars are to be measured against!!
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  14. joselowe

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    Is Johnsons different from Zirkus?
  15. dewey66

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    Never been to zirkus, so I wouldn't know. All I know is I was lucky to leave with a few bucks in my pocket.
  16. jeezopete

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    Look a few posts up from here.
    atlgaboy has a post that said Zirkus will be changing to Johnsons. :)
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  17. Thanks for the great report! Just a couple of questions:

    When you say it took a while for the dancers in the main room to strip, and you got there at 8:00, about what time did they get down to business?

    Was the place full of women, or was it mostly a gay men crowd?

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  18. azdr0710

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    Just thinking Dewey means it took them a long time to finally get naked during their stage time, not that they didn't start dancing until a ways after his 8pm arrival??
  19. dewey66

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    To answer your questions:

    I left around 1am, and saw only about 4 or 5 women. They weren't annoying drunks like most of the women who go to gay clubs, lol.

    As for the nudity, the guys started dancing by 9pm, but stripped only to their underwear. Around 10pm, the VIP room had a nude dancer. By the time I left, the main stage was starting to show some cock, but it seemed reluctantly.

    I don't know why they were being so coy, especially since they all came from nude dancing clubs. I did notice the tipping seemed to dry up as the night progressed with no nudity.

    The VIP room was better because they weren't so virginal.

    I just chalk it up to opening night jitters.
  20. brettnyc

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    Thanks dewey for the great opening night report. With any luck, Johnson's should be a worthy replacement to the shuttered Swinging Richards in Pompano and before that North Miami. Hope there is enough support by the S. Fla community, both permanent and tourist to keep the talent coming back.
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