New Orleans Appearance -- Halloween Weekend

Discussion in 'Escort Travels' started by TylerandAce, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. TylerandAce

    TylerandAce Knight

  2. Derrick Rigg

    Derrick Rigg Journeyman

    Have a good time in Big Easy. Wish I could travel over to NOLA from Houston but can't.
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  3. TylerandAce

    TylerandAce Knight

    Well, thanks. Maybe paths will cross one of these days :)
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  4. m_writer

    m_writer Apprentice

    Have fun you two. So what will be your Halloween costumes? ;)
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  5. tyro

    tyro Salty Broad

    I vote birthday suits for both.
  6. TylerandAce

    TylerandAce Knight

    Lol...we have several. A few different masks and hats but that’s about all