New York Street Scenes in the 70s and 80s (or before!)

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    There's a great thread in Street Scenes about Santa Monica Boulevard.

    But I'm even more fascinated by the NYCstreet scene in the 60s, 70s, or 80s. I'm thinking not of the cruising in the piers, but the hustler scene in Hell's Kitchen, Times Square, and Port Authority. What was it like?

    I'd love to hear any stories you have!
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    During the '60s, Third Avenue in the '50s was known as "the street of dreams."
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    70's rocker/poet Patti Smith wrote a book a few years back titled "Just Kids". It was about her time with Robert Maplethorpe when they were lovers/companions together in NYC in the 70's for about 5 years. He used to "hustle" in Times Square whilst they were together. She talks about it quite openly in the book. They later separated and she only reconnected with him when he was dying of AIDS. It's a real love story and talks in detail about life on the edge in New York in the 70's. A great read that touches on some of what you're interested in. Fascinating book.
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    Back in the day I used to frequent Rounds on East 53rd (opened 1979, closed 1994). It was like a candy store to me. The guys were amazing, almost always polite but also seductively direct, which I found thrilling. I had many a happy evening there -- and some that didn't end there.

    A book was written by one of its owners, Charles Scaglione, after it was closed as a result of a police raid:

    A great article on Rounds and the old Regent was published in the NY Times in 2004. It captures the older gay scene on the East Side very well: