No Posting About Children!!!!

Discussion in 'Fetish Forum' started by HooBoy, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. HooBoy

    HooBoy Rest In Peace

    If someone does so, please hit the ALERT button and the moderators will delete it immediately. We will also ban the poster or give out his home address so he can be castrated.

    Any fetish discussion does not have to involve escorts or people of questionable gender.

    The above written as a regular guy, not the owner of a website and has no official meaning, just unofficial BS.)

    --garbo the hoo
  2. VaHawk

    VaHawk Earl

    WOW! A new forum! You are the best Garbo! I would have waited to pose my question in the Ask Escorts section, if I had known this new forum on fetishes was going to open up!

    Where DO you find the time/energy? :)

    BS aside, I still "vant to be alone"! :eek:
  3. random

    random Guest

    Suggestion on the name. Maybe you will consider calling this the fetish and kink forum.
  4. Luv2play

    Luv2play Earl

    I too am pleased that there is a forum devoted to "off-beat" tastes in matters sexual and erotic. I hope that "fetish" covers "kink", as has already been mentioned. Anyway, I will assume it does unless the moderators decide otherwise. I have often felt that those of us into kink had to be a little circumspect in the other forums (fora?) lest we offend the delicate sensibilities of the other members. By having this forum, I will feel a little more at ease in discussing matters that appeal to me and, hopefuly, others, including escorts, of course.

    Now, let the fun begin }(
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  5. gregkidman

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    >If someone does so, please hit the ALERT button

    I was looking around trying to find the alert button. I was looking for something in red, or some kind of STOP sign or that it was near the symbols of mail/PM/etc. at the top right of each message. Took me a while to find a plain word at the bottom left of each message.

  6. mattsmojo

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    yeah - kids is one thing - but you know what at least here in philly the entire back of the local weekly paper is FILLED with "escorts" of questionable gender... I dunno - it just suddenly feels like anyone who doesnt fit YOUR personal description of "butch" doesnt belong on this site - let alone the "fetish" section of this site which I would imagine was created to accomadate gender rebels - among many other things? no?
  7. PWIT

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    what's up with reviving this 4 year old thread?
  8. DREW

    DREW Novice

    kids are def out get real fella