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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LaffingBear, Mar 12, 2018.

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    We could be identical twins, except that I have never even had a VCR or DVD player. I never have any reason to use a smartphone, so why would I want to spend the money for it, and carry around something that awkward (Where do men put their smartphones? Much of the time I wear only a short-sleeved shirt and shorts.).

    Of course, I am considered technically sophisticated by one of my close friends, who doesn't have any kind of cellphone, nor computer, and has never even owned a TV or an automobile. The only invention of the last 150 years that he really treasures is the electric light.
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    When I went to a game at Wrigley Field last year there was an uncomfortable moment where a bunch of us were standing at the entrance cursing StubHub, which had chosen to have a bad hair day. It eventually righted itself, but not before a bunch of us queued up at the ticket office. (You can show up there, show ID, and get them to print a paper ticket.)

    The unkindest cut there is that without a ticket you can't even get access to the plaza (and the beer vendors) outside the park. I would've been OK waiting with a cold beer in my hand. ;)

    I do know people who don't own smartphones. A cousin, a few years younger than me, still uses his flip phone. He's a working contractor and not particularly flush with cash. He mostly has a cell phone in case there's a problem with one of his kids or grandkids. He just can't justify (to himself) the expense of a smartphone.
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    That's the thing about smartphone-aphobes -- there is often this curmudgeonly pride about "not needing" a device that I just don't understand. They never go somewhere new where they need directions? Thet never interact with someone where there is a language barrier? They never want to find a new restaurant in an unfamiliar area? I guess I just don't know that many shut-ins, but my guess is that most of them rely on other people's devices. ;)
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    Aren’t there some really cheap smart phones out there? Of course they are probably as slow as Christmas, and then there’d be the outlay for the data each month. And of course if he already has a phone then whatever he gets -a new flip phone or new smartphone would be an outlay.

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    Right now I don't. I had an iPhone and used it about 3 times. Then the battery blew up. And I just never could quite figure it out. People kept saying it was intuitive but it never quite made sense to me or I would turn it off/on without knowing. And that female voice kept coming on. I never texted. However, I have to give in and get one for health purposes. My relatives are insisting. I guess it is because I tend not to answer my landline either. Oh, well.
  6. My dad, bless his heart, showed up with a printed map to Chili's when we went to dinner last week.
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    I'm not going to tell him how to spend his money. <shrug>

    Then there's my 85 year old uncle who showed up at my place with his old iPad (the original) and two new ones asking for help setting them up. That's another story entirely. (Password for WHAT????)

    When I was 30 years old, I almost never went inside an actual bank. My boss, who was my age, absolutely never used an ATM. He always went inside to deal with a teller. Diff'rent strokes, man.
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    Indeed, it seems to me that these are people staying home and just shopping at the local store, and eating every Sunday at the same time in the same local restaurant.
    I moved for work to go live in 6 different countries and have seen another 42 countries on top of that as a tourist. And I am not even that old, that number will grow significantly before I die. Staying at home would reaaalllly depress me.
  9. TruthBTold

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    You seem to find something wrong with that. ;)
  10. Eric Hassan

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    I recently met someone without a cell phone. He's someone who's hoping to launch a porn site and a mutual friend connected us, thinking I could give him some guidance. I told our mutual friend to have this guy text me and we could set up a meeting. The mutual friend told me he didn't have a cell phone but assured me that I could call him at home and he'd either answer or call me back. I called, he answered, we met. We met one more time and discussed more details and had plans to meet between Christmas and the New Year. I got sick and called to cancel. Left a message. He called back and left a message about another day. I called him back and left a message to tell him I couldn't make it because of another appointment. Then he was asking me - through our mutual friend - to call him about another day. I told our friend that I was sick and would call him back once I felt better - this was just after the new year, and I had been down and out for a few days. While I was in bed sick, he called and left a message. I didn't call him back because I was fucking sick and had already told him that and that I would call him back when I felt better. The next day he called again and I just didn't answer, because at this point I was getting pissed. A few days later I was feeling better and had some cabin fever, so I went to the gym to ride a bike and get some movement. Ran into the mutual friend and wouldn't you know it but this fucking friend of his is asking again if I can call him.

    So, I did. And I told him that I couldn't work with someone that I couldn't contact easily - I wasn't about to exchange endless telephone calls back and forth when I wasn't feeling well. It seemed to him to be a point of pride that he didn't have a cell phone but would always return calls and if you made plans, he would be there, but to me, he was just a smug dumbass. I get there's a lot of debate about the value and impact of smart phones, but it seems silly to me in 2018 to not use it for at least basic purposes - a quick phone call, sending someone a text when you're late and can't call, telling some annoying person you're trying to work with that you're sick enough to have to stay in bed and they need to leave you alone. Nobody makes you turn into an iZombie when you get a smart phone - that part is completely optional - but not getting with the times enough to make it at least a bit easy for people around you to interact with you is just ... well, not smart.

    Apologies to anyone without a cell/smartphone who might read this. It's not you, it's me.
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    Well I will say my Luddite friend has said the not being too easy to reach is a deliberate decision on his part. He has been offered a phone from work but he wants to keep work and home separate and not having the work phone is part of how he enforces that.
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    You had trouble with an iPhone. I don’t really understand the difference between the words ‘fewer’ and ‘less.’ We all have our bete noires. ;)

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  13. Phlmuscle

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    I still use a flip phone without texting. I refuse to become addicted to a smart phone.
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  14. MikeBiDude

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    No need to get addicted to any useful tool
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  15. LaffingBear

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    I didnt intend to initiate a referendum pro and con smartphones. Guess thats social media.....

    I posted because it appears that those who want to attend an NFL game in my market CAN'T without a smartphone.

    There are commercial things more convenient with an app. There are enhanced services, like ordering food to your seat at the football stadium.

    I need a phone app to use the Moviepass service, because checkin is necessary at the theater. But I can go to a movie without using Moviepass.

    Ive never been in an Uber or Lyft... can you order from a PC or tablet at home? Phone? Any way to pay without using an app at the end of the ride? If no, thats a similar example.... not exactly the same, as one is not prevented from going someplace, only has the transportation methods limited.

    This app-based, e*ticket access ONLY is my first exposure to such an absolute restriction: cant attend the game without a phone. It wont affect me directly... I already have a phone, the stadium app, and use the app for my tix, my parking, etc. It will hamper my ability to sell, or gift, unwanted tickets.

    Whatever their reasons, some people dont have smartphones. And its becoming ok to have them cut off from access to some things.
  16. Tarte Gogo

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    Why are you guys so obsessed with addiction? It is just a small computer.
    You are using a computer right now. Are you addicted to it?

    I just have a smaller one in my pocket.

    Again, all you are doing is admiting you have no self control.
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  17. samhexum

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    It takes a very secure man to admit that.:D:p:cool:;):rolleyes:
  18. LaffingBear

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    I can't speak for others.

    I have a smartphone. But I refuse to engage in behaviors appearing with increasing frequency, and often labeled as addictive.
    • The inability to put down the device. A bizarre version of the old "idle hands" adage many of us recall, whereby many people feel compelled to stare at their phone. While socializing. As pedestrians, even while operating motor vehicles.
    • Its insidious. One of the greatest challenges of management is that people don't focus 100% on work. They need to check their devices. Labeled multi-tasking, they're really cheating their employer.
    • The attraction to want the latest device, despite having a perfectly functional device, and most people using only a very small percentage of what their current device is capable of doing.
    • There are people who report, in surveys, that they love and need their phones.
    • Thoughtless compliance with the cellphone industry's marketing strategies. .. the greatest marketing strategy of my time. To exploit herd mentality and magpie-like fascination with bright, shiny objects to get people to pay ridiculous sums of money for airtime/data. The best example of "planned obsolescence" ever, far outstripping the auto industry. The system has changed so that most don't own their phones at contract-end. Newer phones no longer support expansion via cards. Its all designed to keep the industry primed with demand for new phones and more data.
    • It's shortened attention spans. People react before fully comprehending what they're seeing.
    Our way of life, capitalism and entrepreneurship, is based on flawed self control. If we all had perfect self control, huge segments of the food industry, the entertainment and casino industries, and major percentages of anything sold retail, would whither. What percentage of the experiences related on this forum arise from flawed self control? If guys thought only with the brain at the top of their neck rather than the brain between their legs, they'd hire far fewer rentguys. The fake pics we discuss here would go away if they weren't successful. Phone scams would stop if everyone had self control.

    Yes, phones are very good tools, and many treat them as such.

    But many people treat them as much more than tools. They cant even put their phone in their pocket.... they go through life, room-to-room in their homes, to the break room or bathroom at work, clutching their phones. Thats more than a tool. That's a dependency.

    I have no self-control.... a few hours ago I wrote that it wasnt my intention to start a discussion on phones, but only mandatory event access-by-phone. But I couldn't resist the urge to opine. On my phone. :cool:
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