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  2. First of all, welcome to the world of escorting!

    Good luck trying to get clients from bars, it's not as fashionable as it used to be and guys won't pay you us much as they would a professional Rentboy. Besides this ain't Europe and street prostitution or solicitation are not classy and certainly illegal.
    Maybe you could reconsider advertising online and send a picture of your face and body by texts to your clients but not show it on a website. You can always pay with a money order or cash to remain private, their office is in NYC and I'm sure they'll take your money.
    NYC is very competitive and clients there are mostly top (or so I've heard) I'm sure a twink like you will do great but reconsider your approach to advertisement.
    Up to you, and best of luck!
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    Hey Rey, you may get more responses if you post this in the Deli section, which is the place to discuss escorts.

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  4. You're right that rentboy is the way to go. The majority of my biz comes from there. Of course you wouldn't post your legal name, a stage name would do fine. (Hint: chose one that connotes your attributes, such as young and playful or butch and dominant. And google the name first, to be sure no other escort is using it, and that it's not the name of some serial killer.) You'd do better with face pics, but there's work to be had even without.

    Barring that, you my want to reach out to some other escorts in the area (send a friendly text starting with a compliment and inviting them to coffee), and see if they might not be able to bring you into some duo bookings. Rare, but known to happen.

    There's a bar called Townhouse that at least used to be a hustler bar, but other than that I really wouldn't recommend working bars and certainly not the streets. That's bad branding (read: trashy) and legally risky, if nothing else.

    Rent U. offers a hooking 101 class occasionally (last one lead by yours truly) which may be of great use to you. Keep an eye out for that, or their other useful offerings.

    Kevin Slater
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    I suggest you find a client who is a good writer and have him write a review on this website. As a client myself, I have written a review or two for a new escort and he picked up some business off this site. If you do well off this site, you can donate to the founder of this site as he does not require payment for advertising here. The other sites I check are,,, and especially (you can buy advertising space on this social network.).
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    From a client's point of view, Rentboy and RentMen have the best reputations, with RentMen having fewer ads. Men4RentNow is the site everyone loves to hate. I also look at Adam4Adam "professional" ads and use it as a tool to communicate with guys I found on other sites, but I can't think of someone I have hired from that site.

    Hope that helps.
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    I'm making a triumphant return to New York. I did everything imaginable pre AIDs. I want street only.