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  1. CT Dick

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    >. Be careful- most of these
    >boys will wind up in one of the vidio booths on west street

    I'm sorry, I don't understand this.

  2. jbart39

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    A few weeks ago I spotted a hunk in tank top and shorts posing on Fifth Avenue in the 20s, around 5 p.m. If he wasn't hustling, I wasn't walking down the street. Has this become a new boulevard? Aren't there a lot of hotels "to the trade" in the lower East 30s. I've hired guys thru agencies who say they live in that nabe.
  3. Lucky

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    Club 545 seems to have a few guys who might otherwise be working the street.
  4. Mike_M

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    club 545? have not heard of it, please advise.
  5. bluboy

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    Yes, I thought there was now hustling of 5th. I was waiting for a friend last night at about 5th and 12th and there was this hot guy in a tight grey shirt and black pants walking up and down the blocks and kind of fakely using the cell phone. And I wondered. But I have a question. Have you guys ever hired from 550-1212. Would love to share stories. Intrigued by "Danny". 5'7" and about 150lbs with 9X6 equipment and a "dirty, dirty mind". Anybody been down this path or any of the others on this line like the "big dick cuban escort" or the 11 inch black guy. blu
  6. nashbro

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    >Have you guys ever hired from 550-1212. Would love to share stories. Intrigued by "Danny". 5'7" and about 150lbs with 9X6 equipment and a "dirty, dirty mind". Anybody been down this path or any of the others on this line like the "big dick cuban escort" or the 11 inch black guy

    You got more info on this! What is 550-1212 and "big dick cuban escort" How can you locate them.
  7. bluboy

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    If you live in NYC just try dialing the number and you will see what I mean. blu
  8. Lucky

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    545 Eighth Ave. NYC operates Friday nights. It is a sex club with a staff of entertainers. $75 first visit, includes 6 month membership. I know 3 people that have gone, they all had a good time. Latin lovers in particular.
  9. bluboy

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    Cross St.? $75 seems high for a sex club, what does that include? Are there hustlers in the club or just regular folks? blu
  10. Robb

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    Doesnt anybody know the rates & how clean is it?
  11. CT Dick

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    Considering it is a video arcade, it really is pretty clean. They mop the floors of the booth fairly often (for obvious reasons).

    The rates are in the $20-40 range, depending on how desperate the guy is. Then, there is also the $5 tip to the attendant.

    I've had guys who were nearly affectionate and I've had guys so hurtin' for a fix that they ran down the stairs as soon as they got the money. It is never a pleasant experience but it's not a bad way to get off.

  12. tighthole

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    RE: 545 8th Avenue

    I went looking for it late last night and it doesn't exist. 545 8th Avenue ia an office building and the guys working at the front desk knew nothing about it. The first floor businesses that might share the same address were all closed. I was informed that there's a discreet straight strip club across the street, but that it.

  13. Lucky

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    RE: 545 8th Avenue

    It was on the sixth floor. Had dancers you could suck. Six month membership was $75. Phone is disconnected after two months.
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    My favorite is still the "bookstore" on 8th Ave btw 34th and 35th...met some hot guys there...even guys who want repeat business...with phone numbers...would be happy to me directly at
  15. Lucky

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    It was closed for awhile but tonight offers "The Blu Zone" where you can do more than touch. No alcohol. $75 (75?!!)
  16. Lucky

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    RE: Club 545

    Well, I "went there." See my post in the lounge if interested.
  17. urbanguy

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    i've been visiting nyc for years. still the best spot to meet black, puerto rican and dominican guys is the porno book/video store on 8th avenue, next to mickey d's. open 24/7. although 90% of the guys are into crack and smack, once in a while a gem will come through. some of those guys have been in there for years. i've spent a weekend there and seen guys on friday with the same clothes on on sunday. still, i like it there and feel very comfortable (although i have seen some naive young suburban queens go in the booths with some of these guys and bad things happen). get the price right before anything happens. $40? well i guess that is what they expect from the white queens!! they chase white guys because they think they have money. on the other hand, if they want $10, they are not worth it. i really don't do anything in the booths. it's so embarasssing to be called out by the guards and escorted to the exit, although this has never happened to me -:) actually, i have taken decent looking guys back to my hotel. i've never had a problem (well, one guy took my pager.) nothing good happens in front of the port authority. there you will find the really spaced out, although once in a while you will find young boys just getting off of the greyhound. now up the street is stella's, a hustler bar. stella's is not what it used to be. i think i know why. two straight bars have opened on that corner and stella's is in the middle. i don't think the hustlers like being seen going in and out of a gay bar. still, there are hot strip shows in the basement, especially on the weekends. despite all, i try to get nyc once or twice a month.
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    HERE I AM!!Andre
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    Does anyone know if club 545 still exists?
  20. xafnndapp

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    I was going through this thread out of curiosity, and thought how all this world described here in NYC has totally disappeared in 14 years!