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    My advice depends on the meaning of the word great.

    If first session was incomparable... if great = rarely found anyone providing that level of satisfaction..... then I defer to some of the advice posted above

    If great first session means very good, but Ive experienced equal pleasure, or more...... then move on and find someone else.

    After the second session you describe, I wouldn't return to the provider unless I felt strongly that he offers pleasure I cant hire elsewhere.
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    I agree...if "great"....really means "ok"....move on.

    If 'great"....means "incredible"....I'd give it another shot.

    I don't ask for discounts or extras regardless of poor performance....It's just my nature.
    If he offers, great....if not, no problem. I make my rehire decisions based on other factors.
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    move on, there are a lot of escorts out there, why take a chance and be disappointed?
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    So, to close the loop, b/c I know you're all hanging on a thread......:rolleyes:

    I txt'd the provider and said our last meeting was kind of a disaster, I work hard for my money, and I was hesitant about taking a risk on another meeting
    His response was "yep"

    .....and that's the end of the story.
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    In his defense: