Olive Oil's Lack Of Taste Is The Thing-It Won't Catch The Attention Of The King

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  1. Gar1eth

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    I don't want to talk about olive oil's reported health benefits. I only want to talk about taste as it is used for bread/vegetable dipping. Maybe my palate is jaded. But I just don't see how it could be preferred to butter.

    Now go and discuss.

  2. rvwnsd

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    Depends on the olive oil. Some oil that's labeled as "Extra Virgin" is actually oil derived after many, many presses or isn't even olive oil. I find Trader Joe's to be the best of "mainstream"oil and World Market's is good, too. There are plenty of high-end varieties that are also very good.
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  3. bashful

    bashful Baron

    IMO, olive oil is like wine. No two taste the same. Some are great for dipping your bread, others are dreck.
  4. escortrod

    escortrod Baron

    I don't like it much on its own for dipping, but with balsamic vinegar I can't get enough
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  5. whipped guy

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    I have posted here about high quality extra virgin olive oil! Yes, it's like a fine wine!


    There are as many different types and flavors as there are wine. Plus, the flavor varies from season to season. I like a fruity taste with a pungent after bite. Some unfiltered extra virgin oils have that property.
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  6. rvwnsd

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    I'm the opposite - great quality olive oil and some freshly ground sea salt and I'm all set!
  7. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    All I need is the a great EVO! Extra Virgin Olive oil for those not into acronyms.
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  8. OliverSaks

    OliverSaks Knight

    Olive oil is vegan, butter is not.

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  9. gallahadesquire

    gallahadesquire Marquess

    Butter is wonderful.
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  10. bigvalboy

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    "You can never have too much butter"...:D

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  11. OliverSaks

    OliverSaks Knight

    To be fair, lots of things that seem wonderful are actually quite dreadful when you look into them.
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  12. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    For the record as alluded to above in a pinch olive oil from Trader Joe's is quite good. However, one needs to read the labels to see the source of the olives. There is a California Estate EVO that I find to be quite tasteless. There is also a generic EVO whose olives are sourced from a variety of counties similar to what one can buy for less in any supermarket under Italian sounding labels such as Bertoli and Filipe Berio. They may be packed in Italy, but they are not fully Italian and no Italian in Italy would probably purchase such a product. The two best Trader Joe's EVO's are Trader Giotto's 100% Italian President's Reserve EVO and Trader Giotto's Sicilian Silezione EVO. Both have a fruity flavor and a bit of a bite afterward. Not the best that I have experienced, but quite acceptable and actually well beyond that compared to what generally passes for EVO.

    When I am at the Northern location I am fortunate to have a great source for EVO as noted in the post linked to above. Other than chancing various specialty brands when at the Southern Command Post, I have found Trader Giotto to offer great quality for the price.

    Bottom line... no matter what type of olive oil you purchase make sure it is COLD PRESSED. If not you run the risk of carcinogens bring part of the mix! EVO by definition should be cold pressed, but buyer still beware. Not all that's shipped here is the good stuff... or even authentic.
  13. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    I agree 100%. Some olive oil is so flavorless that it's like dipping bread in regular vegetable oil - blech! But a good hearty bread dipped in a great olive oil with a bit of salt ... the clouds parted and the angels burst into song!
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  14. Epigonos

    Epigonos Duke

    As far as I'm concerned it is NOT a matter of one or the other (Olive Oil/Butter). I absolutely love them BOTH. They are, of course, different and I use them differently. I would certainly NEVER attempt to make a wonderful hollandaise using olive oil or an outstanding vinaigrette using butter.
  15. Gar1eth

    Gar1eth Regent

    I could almost take the balsamic vinegar by itself. I only need a very small amount of olive oil, if at all, to decrease the vinegar's sharpness by a tiny amount.

    I guess that might matter to me if I were vegan, but I'm not. I won't say I'm militantly anti-vegan. But I wouldn't knowingly go to a vegan only restaurant to eat.

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  16. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    I don't want to blow my cover here, but on occasion I have been known to bake cookies... not often but on occasion. I have a mandel bread recipe that calls for vegetable oil. Well, the only oil that I had in the house was a very pungent EVO. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they never tasted better. Plus, they were heart heart healthy as well!

    Mandel bread is a twice baked cookie that most likely originated in Italy from the Jewish population in the northern part of the country and is virtually the same as Italian biscotti. Using my Italian EVO in the recipe only proved to reinforce the connection between the two and I'll bet was probably part of the original recipe before it made its way to Eastern Europe.
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  17. Gar1eth

    Gar1eth Regent

    I've always thought they were similar. In fact I said something about this to my Mother about two weeks ago. I think she had some in the freezer and wanted to know whether I'd like her to defrost some. I told her no because I don't like mandel bread. I told her it reminded me of biscotti, and I didn't like biscotti either because it is too dry. Possibly I'd like it better if I dunked them in tea. But to tell the truth, even though I like hot tea, unless I'm in a really cold weather environment, I don't drink a lot of hot drinks. I'm more likely to get my caffeine, if I need it, from energy drinks.

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  18. gallahadesquire

    gallahadesquire Marquess

    I found this movie to be on the edge of repulsive. I felt the portrayal of Julia Child to be alcoholic nincompoop objectionable. She might have been, but she brought decent cuisine to a country where salt and pepper were almost considered heretical.

    While I'm on it: Has anyone else tried Morton and Bassett herbs and spices? A tad more expensive, but oi! The flavor!
  19. Epigonos

    Epigonos Duke

    Another great source for dried herbs and spices is Penzeys Spices. I've ordered from them for years from their Wisconsin Headquarters. During the last ten years they have opened small regional shops in several cities -- www.penzeys.com or 1-800-741-7787. They have both online and hard copies of their catalogue.
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  20. whipped guy

    whipped guy Regent

    Well mandel bread does freeze well. Also, I find most biscotti to be hard and dry... the perfect vehicle to crack a tooth. Therefore I tread lightly with biscotti. However, at least the last few times I have made it mine have had a sandy quality that made them easilty disintegrate and were tooth friendly and even when removed from the freezer. I wonder if the amount of oil has something to do with it as that would make things a bit "short"... but short as in "shortnin bread" where large quantities of butter are used... not short in stature. ;)
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