Olive Oil's Lack Of Taste Is The Thing-It Won't Catch The Attention Of The King

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    I put olive oil on almost everything I eat. Even on my oatmeal in the morning. I mostly buy the house brand at Zabar's - I hope it is the real deal.

    My nutritionist, however, has advised me to also use coconut oil as a substitute to olive oil - complementary qualities and digests more quickly.

    Having grown up in a French-inspired culture, I DO miss the really good butter from Normandy. A fresh baguette, good butter, 'Jambon de Paris' ham ... yum. It is rare that I indulge in it though. I try to avoid bleached flour products. But that is a different discussion.
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    Interesting that your nutritionist suggested coconut oil - not only good for the body internally but, bar none, it is the best moisturizer/emollient for the outside also. Moisturizes and then seals the moisture in. Especially good for the face. For other places we have already discussed.
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  3. OliverSaks

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    With coconut oil, I:

    Play / massage / cook / spread / shave / add to coffee and whip / lip balm / bake / moisturize

    Love the way it feels and tastes.
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    I hadn't thought of using it as lip balm ... thanks for the advice. How do you use it for shaving though? Do you warm it up a bit?

    I love the feel and taste myself. And it is remarkably affordable, I buy mine on Amazon

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    That sounds ... SEXY
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  7. Morton and Basett is like $5.99 for basil and oregano, and has at least 70 herbs and spices.

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    So I've been thinking about this thread and where I should go to get some quality olive oil.

    And then I'm out running errands today and, voilĂ ! Across the street is an olive oil store.


    Ahhh, serendipity!
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    "She also led our Saturday expeditions fleeing the New Haven dining halls for dinner in Chinatown, where she would order for us off the Kanji menus taped to the wall."

    AdamSmith, This is a most egregious post.To call the Chinese characters on the menus on the wall "Kanji" is an insult of the highest order."Kanji" is the Japanese word for the Chinese characters that the Japanese adopted as they had no written language . The correct term is 'Hanzi"which is the Chinese term for the written characters which they invented.

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  10. AdamSmith

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    Please forgive! I fully grasp the depth of my blunder.

    In fact our Chinese classmate had to give me that very correction herself.

    Practically every time we went to Chinatown. :D
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    Well our esteemed Mr. Smith has almost 9,000 posts and he finally made an error... I guess he is one of us after all!!!:D :p

    Also, AS made mention of "fleeing New Haven" on Saturdays. I can't understand why anyone would want or need to flee the beloved Elm City!?! o_O And even to flee as he implied those Eli dinning halls...

    Incidentally, getting back to the main topic of this thread just today I finally found a use for the leftover bland bottle of California olive oil that I had purchased at Trader Joe's. It makes for a quite tasty personal lubrucant. I kid you not... A bit messy, but one usually needs to clean up afterwards anyway... ;)
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  12. drintor

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    Your apology is accepted, now go fry fish or cook curry at home and see if you prefer those after odors to that of a stir-fry
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    I thought getting my Wagner all mixed up had already knocked that one off. :confused:
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    Being of Italian heritage I know that Italians take their olive oil seriously. In fact they will not ask how a salad was rather they will ask how the olive oil in the dressing was.
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  15. funguy

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    I believe I mentioned that in post #21, tho I failed to mention that it was "quite tasty"!
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    Well, I hate to waste anything and it was not being used for culinary purposes because it was fruity and did not have the zippy peppery taste that I like in an EVO, and fruity is good for lube. However, more importantly I was low on the real thing... you know the infamous bottle of lube that I stole from a "mutual friend" of ours down here at the FL command post if you recall... a crime that I have been paying dearly for (to my delight I must add) ever since!
    Well I had not caught that, but but then again by the time one gets to Act One of Die Gotterammerung its a lost cause anyway! :confused:o_O:eek: So no points against you for getting your "Wagner all mixed up"!
    Parlato proprio come un vero italiano! (Spoken just like a true Italian!)
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  17. kent

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    WG: Have you seen the reviews of Olive Oils in Cooks Illustrated ( https://www.cooksillustrated.com/se...rch_document_klass][0]=taste_test&q=olive+oil )?
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  18. kent

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    I use extra-light olive oil for cooking, even for popcorn (for friends afraid of coconut oil)
  19. whipped guy

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    I just checked it out... and they are spot on with their evaluations of what is available in super markets as not being exceptional. It also gives a nice overview of Italian oils and why they have the peppery finish.

    Interestingly I just purchased a bottle of The Fredh Market's Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and simply because I was low on EVO and I was headed in that direction. At $8.99 for 500 ml (16,9 oz) it is much pricier than Trader Joe's President's Reserve Italian EVO a comparable product ($6.99 for 33.8 oz). It has a mild olive taste as does Trader Joe's, but with double the peppery kick at the end. They also sell an unfiltered Fruttato (Fruity version) for a buck more, but I was afraid that it might be overly mild. While I like the peppery finish in both they still lack something in initial flavor. Incidentally, the TJ's Sicilian EVO that I mention above has the least bite of all. I'll save that for the mandel bread recipe that I mention above.

    Trader Joe gives you more bang for your buck, and both really don't cut it, but in a pinch suffice. I hesitated to try other products that they had at double the price. Next year I'm shipping what I can get up north down south.

    In the meantime I will give TJ's Spanish version a shot.
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