Oprah for Pres in 2020?

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Would you support Oprah for President

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  1. bigjoey

    bigjoey Peer

    Another Marx pointed out the problem with Karl Marx:
    Communism says "From each according to his ability. To each according to his needs." I have many needs but little ability.
    Groucho Marx

    Full disclosure: the quote is from memory and just paraphrased.
  2. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    Gee, you miss the part where it became clear that the American government was funding an anti-Sandinista group that attempted to overturn the democratically elected government in Nicaragua. Remember those Oliver North hearings and Ronald Reagan. So many, many people, including the U.S. Congress, the U.N., and most of Europe supported the Sandinistas and found the Reagan administration had violated U.S. law when it both traded weapons with Iran so that Iran would release U.S. hostages and also secretly sell weapons to Iran and use some of the money to fund the war in Nicaragua. Several members of Reagan's administration were found guilty of violating U.S. law regarding the Sandinistas and even Reagan apologized for his part in the debacle.
    I hardly think that Bill DiBlasio wants New York to be turned into the next Moscow - which I guess is even Communist anymore as it is run by a group of wealthy oligarchs that keep the money for themselves and their cronies. And the fact that there is a "socialistic" impulse in New York hardly makes it bad. As I am sure you recall Social Security and Medicare are also "socialistic" programs. Shall we get rid of them (well, the Republicans are)?
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  3. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    I'm not getting into the whole Iran Contra can of worms. Open another thread about it if you care to debate the issue. The fact remains that the Sandinistas were a brutal communist regime that executed thousands of "anti-revolutionaries" and were responsible for thousands more "desaparecidos." If DeBlasio supported them body and soul, I think it's fair to assume that in his heart, he is a communist. Please note that I also pointed out that DeBlasio loves cozying up to NYC's ultrarich oligarchs when it benefits him. DeBlasio reminds me of Castro's cronies, who preach the beauty of egalitarian communism yet live the lives of jetsetters.
  4. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    Jimmy Carter was an interesting case. He worked very hard to project the image of a humble boy from the country, yet behind closed doors by all reports he was a supremely arrogant human being. He was right, you were wrong, and therefore nothing you said, thought, or felt mattered. It's no surprise that his presidency was an unqualified disaster.

    I'm not nearly as high on Oprah as you are. I've seen some telltale signs that she's actually quite a selfish, narcissistic person. Mind you, I don't think she's evil or anything, just that she's not nearly as caring and generous as her carefully cultivated public image. That said, I'm OK with her as president. I have far more issues with her potential rivals like Warren, Biden, Sanders, or (yikes!) the re-emergence of Hillary Clinton. Since I find it inconceivable that Trump wins re-election (even more inconceivable than his winning election, ha!), I am resigned to a Democrat in the White House in 2021. I'll gladly take Oprah over the sorry mess of DC Dems.
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  5. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    Excuse me, but it was you who brought up DeBlasio's support of the Sandinistas. So in order to support the premise of your put down of the mayor of New York the Sandinistas must be discussed. I did point out that if he did support the Sandinistas he was hardly the only person in the U.S. or in Europe that did so. Moreover, at their worst the Sandinistas were socialists, not Communists. They proposed to confiscate the land that had been controlled by the dictator Somoza and his family and distribute it among the various parts of the society. They pushed for a mixed economy with much of the economy in private hands. They also proposed various social reforms, including a literacy campaign. These are not Communists. In the midst of a war against the Contras, who committed equally horrific atrocities and were in large measure supported by the U.S., the Sandinistas did commit their own own share of atrocities. If we tell a story we tell a whole story.
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  6. Kenny

    Kenny Peer

    I'm not surprised. Your ilk never does want to get into it. The reasons are obvious, as TBT plainly knows. :p
  7. Kenny

    Kenny Peer

    Yes, "they would like things to be planned in accordance to their needs" is reminiscent of Karl Marx's line. He was right, too. You know, like putting a stop sign at a traffic intersection, or not allowing a plastics factory to be built next door to your house. Duh.

    Pro tip: Socialism and Communism are not the same thing. Duh, again.
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  8. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    You say puh-TAY-toe, I say po-TAH-toe. OK, then DeBlasio is an barbaric, ultraviolent socialist at heart. There, happy now? :rolleyes:
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  9. Kippy

    Kippy Viscount

    Oprah has spent a lifetime (and fortune) crafting and perfecting the image we see today. She has more skeletons in her closet than Trump and Bill Clinton combined and wouldn't want these to see the light of day! No Oprah for president...

  10. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    Kenny, I just noticed that you follow me on this message board. I don't know if I should be flattered or really really creeped out.
  11. Kenny

    Kenny Peer

    I was reading the thread and saw numerous comments about your (blocked) posts, so I un-ignored and read them. Then I took a shower and put you back on ignore. Nothing of any use to see there.
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  12. bigvalboy

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  13. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    You give barbarism a bad name. (By the way, do you really say "po-TAH-toe?)
  14. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    Now that that annoying little Sandinistas diversion is behind us (unless @TruthBTold is just obsessed with beating a dead horse), let's return to the original topic. Yes, I am aware that Oprah has said and done quite a few controversial things in the past, and there's probably more where that came from. Even so, I think her epic celebrity is enough to whoosh her through the primaries. Besides, I doubt high-profile Democrats will sling mud at a beloved African-American woman. Perhaps Trump will, after all the man is nothing if not unpredictable, but consider the source. If you compare whatever skeletons Oprah has in her closet with Trump's lifetime of monstrous blunders, there's really no contest.
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  15. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    Just checked and yup, it looks like you're still following me. Is this your way of saying, "I just can't quit you!" Awwwww, I'm so touched.
  16. BSR

    BSR Viscount

    Ayn Rand: "There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism - by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide."
  17. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    So Kenny is guilty of FAKE NEWS too ? Geez, that shit is pervasive !
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  18. Can we get back to hating on Oprah again??????

    The more I learn about her Clintonian/Neocon beliefs, the more I want to #resist the b!

  19. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    Well, she seems rather stupid if she believes that there is no difference between creating an economic system that has the government simply take all the resources and distribute them as it sees fit versus an economic system (socialism) in which the people choose who to put in government and then those in government then decide how and to whom the resources are to be given based on a number of factors. Despite her rather stupid analogy I actually would feel much better if I chose suicide (which would mean I did not have to do it) as opposed to being murdered.
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  20. Kenny

    Kenny Peer

    Do tell, a-hole? Show us those skeletons, you misogynistic racist.
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