PALM SPRINGS, CA April 19-28

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  1. Dave

    Dave (The Legendary Dave)

    woops! sorry about that typo! I will be in PALM SPRINGS for ten glorious days... including the Daddy's Reviews Weekend (Apil 21-23).

    I'll be staying at an All Male Resort - and am available for private one-on-one encounters in my room, or as your Instigator/Rabble-Rouser/Provocateur - if you'd like to venture into group play with someone by your side (or behind or in front of you, hahaha).
    I'm also happy to travel to you, if that's more your interest.

    Want accompaniment for part of the Daddy's Reviews events? Let me know! We can make it a truly memorable weekend together.

    Check out over 200 reviews of me on my website (link below). Also, you can see Nude and Hardcore photos, a description of what I'm into, my rates, and much more.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or want to book some time. Limited appointments, so I’ll be fresh for everyone.

    Pre-booking is both recommended and appreciated.

    I’m looking forward to being back in the desert, meeting up with current and future friends, getting my USA mail, and being in one of the most same-sex-friendly environments on the planet!


    phone: 703-927-2759

    "travels anywhere in the world"
    "fucks anywhere, in any position"

    KAUAI: april 1-7
    NYC: april 8-13
    WASHINGTON, DC: april 14-18
    PALM SPRINGS: april 19-28

    :::::: other times, you can find me on the island of bali
    :::::: see my full whereabouts at
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  2. LADoug1

    LADoug1 Viscount

    Love the typo!
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  3. funguy

    funguy Count

    Aw . . . knowing Dave, that wasn't a typo. He had a big smile his face when he wrote it!
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  4. Dave

    Dave (The Legendary Dave)

    wait - - - isn't that what it's called?
  5. Dave

    Dave (The Legendary Dave)

    the censors got me here - ouch. I had originally titled the post "Penis Springs". that's what those guys above were referring to...

    I still really don't see why that one needed to be changed. ok, it wasn't the actual place - but y'all's knew where I meant ;)
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  6. Dave

    Dave (The Legendary Dave)

    arrived in ps today - feel like I'm home!
    ps has become my second home (well, my third... actually maybe my fourth or fifth). not that I own property in four other places - my only point is, I definitely feel comfortable here.
    the atmosphere in this town today is electric. wonder if anyone else feels it... hmmmmmm :)
    going out for a run... say hi if you see a shirtless guy in white shorts!
  7. sam.fitzpatrick

    sam.fitzpatrick Viscount

    Is it possible I've seen you running in those white shorts before?
  8. Dave

    Dave (The Legendary Dave)

    in my world, anything's possible :p
  9. funguy

    funguy Count

    Is there a VPL?
  10. Dave

    Dave (The Legendary Dave)

    there is no VPL because I freeball.

    I had to google vpl; here it is guys, for those of you who are like me:
    there - oh wait a second -----

    I just realized vpl is also about a PENIS! fuck me... now I remember, another reader of this forum (and this thread, hahaha) used that term to me once.
    ok, I guess there IS a VPL because I freeball. most of y'all who know me know that's a regular feature in my shorts. yep, me and Hamm... heh heh.

    ok, this thread's going off a bit. meanwhile, my breakfast invitation is still extended. I can take two or three more guys.
    if you're in palm springs this saturday... join us?

    especially if you're staying at an all male resort here, I think it'd be interesting for you.
    and if not, well, damn, it's breakfast on me. let me feed you.
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  11. funguy

    funguy Count

    Boy, you had me REALLY confused at, "there is no VPL because I freeball"!!! o_O
  12. Dave

    Dave (The Legendary Dave)

    oops - guess I'm confused, too. I thought I was on the "My Project Debuts" thread.

    might be doing too many things today... already saw ten men who hire today! (although many of them were at the lovely DavidSF's afternoon gathering - and we all kept our clothes on.) not sure if anyone noticed VPNs there; there was a lot of catching up to do above the belt.
  13. LADoug1

    LADoug1 Viscount

    VPL can also mean "visible penis line". Always enjoy seeing one.