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  1. Which is the one upside of penmanship over penismanship. It's easier to go on forever when it only involves spewing out words.
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  2. SuperJunior

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    Wow. Does Tristan know he's your boyfriend? ;)
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  3. He knows I think he is the perfect man, the embodiment of sexiness, and that I am wildly jealous of his cock, his intelligence, and his fine moral character.

    But no, he isn't my boyfriend.

    I'm way too much of a whore to ever want to settle down. :oops:
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  4. sf westcoaster

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    And now may be the time to put this tread back-on-track!
  5. Exactly. Thank you!

    I was wondering why these thread hijackers were making the thread all about sitting around a pool with scantily clad buff sex gods like Tristan dripping sweat and precum from their gorgeous muscular bodies, when we are actually supposed to be talking about whether Epigonos will be whipping up his deviled eggs....

    Sheesh! Which one of you just whispered that I was making a veiled reference to some escort's cum-soaked testicles?

    Really, guys. Can we please just get back to business.................
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  6. SuperJunior

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    Sorry. I'm still on the fence about attending. I should've PMd some folks. :oops:
  7. purplekow

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    If you are on the fence, consider which you would prefer to have riding your ass a fence post or a participant in the PS party
  8. BabyBoomer

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    I suggest you PM @Epigonos and @Oliver.

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  9. SuperJunior

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  10. Epigonos

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    BabyBoomer after I read some of SuperJunior's concerns I decided to PM him with some comments regarding the Weekend. You read my mind.
    If there are any other posters here who have concerns or questions regarding the Palm Springs Weekend please DO NOT hesitate to contact me either openly here or PM me. If you PM me and want to talk I am more than open to providing you with my telephone numbers and we can talk about what goes on in Palm Springs as long as you wish.
  11. latbear4blk

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    I am very concerned. I do not think there will be enough devil eggs for me.
  12. Good Grief

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    I don't feel as though I'd be welcomed. It's okay though.

    Good Grief.
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  13. purplekow

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    Why in the world not? This is a very inclusive group. Most of us came to our first event knowing no one or at best, knowing an escort or two. After four days around the pool, or at the breakfast buffet or at one of the meals, it has felt like old home week to many of us. I would suggest to write to anyone who has said they have attended and ask about whatever would give you a feeling that you would not be welcomed.
    What I have found enjoyable about these get togethers is that it is a safe environment to stretch limits, meet new people and eat for free, well at Oliver's anyway, I have not been able to get anyone to pick up my other dinner bills.
  14. azdr0710

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    Oh, good grief. Come, ID yourself as "Good Grief", and you'll be an instant celebrity.
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  15. Epigonos

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    Somehow it seems that this thread has evolved in a way that might make the Palm Springs Weekend appear, to those who have never attended, to be a sex party. It has NEVER been and I don’t believe EVER will be a sex party. It has always been and I believe always will be a gathering of a group of guys who share a common hobby and enjoy getting together and spending some time together socially. Yes there have been some sexual encounters at the party. Yes some of the attendees have gotten together professionally in order to enjoy each other’s company. However the actual sex encounters are separate from the Weekend formal events and aren’t a part of the planned events. Please guys don’t scare off some possible attendees by making the event appear something it isn’t.

    Let’s get this thread back on track
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  16. So just to pull my intentionally sexy rhetoric back a little bit I will now be very literal and say this.

    While everything I described above (except for Chris Eisenhower having sex in a closet) actually did happen, this is not a sex party.

    It is a party at which sex has occurred, at the margin. It is not the focal point.

    If there is something that I would describe as the emotional center of this weekend, for me, it is a sense of community and openness and warmth. What I cherish about it is the intimacy and friendship shared with many people - some of whom I know very well, and some of whom I see only rarely but have an abiding affection for. That's it.

    Everything else is what you bring, and what you seek.
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  17. Robster

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    There won't be if I get to them first! :p

    And Good Grief, you're not going to find a friendlier, more welcoming group than this. I hope you change your mind, and decide to join us.

  18. Socalguy

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    ^ This sums it up beautifully for me. Doesn't matter if you're fat or skinny, young or old, gorgeous or homely, you will feel accepted and loved. :)
  19. Unless you try to hog Epigonos's bacon-wrapped dates, which I love.

    Then you will have me to fuck with, and you better watch out.

    I'm not a deviled eggs guy, so you are fine hoarding them.
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  20. LoveNDino

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    Wait, all I have to do is eat some bacon-wrapped dates and I can fuck you? Ummmm, win-win?
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