Pensacola Gay Days / Memorial Day

Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by TylerandAce, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. TylerandAce

    TylerandAce Knight

    Any working guys out there ever get any decent results from the Memorial Day gathering on Pensacola Beach? I know events like that can be hit-or-miss since there is so much "activity" to be had organically, so to speak.
  2. Mocha

    Mocha Viscount

    I've not yet been to Pensacola but Memorial Day is more of a party holiday. I wouldn't go with work in mind. However...having something like that come along with the fun would definitely be a bonus.

    If you guys go, lemme know and maybe Tyler and I can make a sandwich out of that picture with you and Ace...
  3. TylerandAce

    TylerandAce Knight

    Ha...yeah, we are planning on being there. Have the hotel booked and working on the tan already!
  4. AlanDC

    AlanDC Apprentice

    I'll be going as well. I'm posting the dates on my profile for travel. If something comes of it great if not I still plan to enjoy myself! We could always have a huge party!!
  5. TylerandAce

    TylerandAce Knight

    Sounds like fun :)