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  1. ericwinters

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    any guys working the bars or the old block on 17th and 16th between Spruce and Pine?
  2. Or elsewhere -- Where have all the street boys gone? Not in the Gayborhood 12-13th from Walnut to Spruce
  3. keithhardy

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    The Police have target this area after multiple murders related to "Johns" meeting street walkers in this area
  4. JayCeeKy

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    Geez, there were shady characters at that location when I cruised it in the mid-1990's. I would suggest that you stick with the old eye-to-crotch-to-eye technique in safer locales - supermarket, restaurant, wherever horny men roam - which is everywhere.
  5. Hornplatz

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    You are so right about them appearing shady, sometimes they need to be introduced to soap and hot water with their clothes getting the same treatment.
    I really have no suggestions as to a safe place to cruise other than bars. If all someone wants is a bit of action, the Adonis theatre on Sansom St might
    be a place of interest. There also are the two bathhouses but they are expensive and one doesn't know how many are there or who are there. I would say
    to avoid the public restrooms in the subway - bad news!