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    Visiting Phoenix on business this past week I dropped several hundred bucks enjoying the show here. A little less "twinky femme" since I last visted in March. Two dancers were OUTSTANDING-- Ken, Str8 boy type(claims to be bi) who works contruction and has a large clean cut military look. Blonde, blue and brawn. I'm still waiting for him to return my calls! Dances to erotic perfection both on stage and nude lap. Great marine and cowboy (Kid Rock) routines on stage. The other stand out was Ryan-- wrestler build killer smile and hard as a rock for the lap. Perfect 4 day goatee and very interactive. Great dancer and really into it-- if this kid's not out he should be. Both of these guys were in their early twenties.

    The staff is generally friendly and helpful. I enjoyed a visit with TJ who seems to have some managerial position and also dances he was about the only familiar face from my last visit.

    Also enjoyed laps from Kaden and Derick. Derick has a great muscled body, probably late twenties and not as good on the stage. Kaden was great on stage and somewhat interactive on the lap. Cute preppy early twenties type.

    Someone needs to introduce these boys to the joys and financial wonderland of "freelance" engagements-- private parties if you will. Ken and Ryan would have had an open check book with me!

    Ken if you read this CALL ME ASAP!!!


    Kippy :9
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    Sure hope you got something more than a lap dance for several hundred bucks!

    the Cajun
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    Warning: No Nudity after 1am.

    Dick's is open until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights. They close at 1am all other nights.

    A friend and I arrived at 1:30am last Friday night. I asked the doorman while paying the cover if we had to pay the full cover at this late hour. He said yes, and provided no further information. We paid the $20 cover and went inside.

    Once inside we could see the club was dead, Few dancers and few customers. The remaning dancers told us that everyone leaves at 1am because they are not permitted by the law to get naked any longer on stage or for VIP dances afer 1am! Since the customers can't see naked men and the dancers can't make money with their clothes on, everyone leaves.

    This would have been good information for the doorman to provide. Of course there is that sign at the entrance that says: "No refunds for any reason." I'm sure it was created for times like this.

    They need to close at 1am everynight, lose the cover after 1am, or at the very least, tell people when they arrive after 1am.

    Now, I have been to Dicks a few times before. It can be fun. The guys are friendly and some really cute. I have never seen it busy. I don't live in Phoenix and stop in sometimes when in town for business and probably would again.
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    Was hottie Ken dancing when you were there? Any reviews of the dancers you saw?


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    A quick update on Dicks. I was there Jan 20 and 21st and the place was packed. As usual it was full of bachelorette parties which is always the case on weekends. Week nights are a much better experience since the dancers have the time to work the room and visit. The dancers here are very friendly and great to chat with. Sunday and Monday nights are half price private dances in the VIP area and half price VIP wristbands. Twice the dance...half the money, there's no downside to that! The dancers are always a great variety of guys, there's usually about 15 guys on the weekends I think and about 7 or 8 on slower week nights. A private VIP can be a great experience if you go with the right dancer. Personal favs are Richie (blond hair, smokey blue eyes and hotter than hell)Chandler (all american blond tan guy), and Ken (already famous in previous postings) Ken said he only works Fri/Sat nights. Totally worth the wait. His private dances are amazing! They don't serve liquor so drinking the bottled water all night gets a little old. Your cover includes 2 drink tickets. All in all, always a good time :D
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    Dicks Cabaret
    3432 East Illini
    Phoenix, AZ 85040

    The new Dicks Cabaret is located in an industrial area, south of Sky Harbor airport. It is near the Radisson Phoenix Airport South.

    The new location is a smaller, more intimate showroom. The cover charge remains $20, although a $5 off coupon is available in the IONAZ magazine. Table dances are $10 a song. The nude VIP dances are $20 a song, but you must first purchase a $20 wristband from the bar. If you are going to visit often, then you should buy first the new $50 VIP annual card. The VIP annual card provides $10 off of future cover charges AND $10 off any future wristband charges. I went four nights in a row, so by buying the VIP card first, I saved $80 on reduced cover and wristband fees for a net savings of $30.

    Specials include: Saturdays - dollar table dances and Sundays - 2 for the price of 1 nude dances.

    Negatives: (1) There are still a lot of twentysomething women on Friday and Saturday; and (2) The couches for nude VIP dances are currently located right at the entrance to the showroom.

    Many of the old dancers are still there:

    Austin – tall, tanned, sandy blond, friendly, well defined, newly added muscles – cowboy & surfer look – well hung, HUNK – gives a very nice dance :9

    Derrick – big, tall, blond, muscular stud – leather, Tom of Finland look – nicely hung and gives a nice nude dance

    Richie – short, cute, slim, slender – boy next door, twink look - very low hanging balls [ look for his little trick ;) ] – gives a very sensual nude dance :9

    Ryan – short, friendly, linebacker build - very nice dance

    Newcomers include:

    Casey – tall, muscular, defined, piercings and tattoos – cute boy next door look – well hung with low hangers – gives a nice dance

    Mark – very tall, slender, friendly – twink look - long cock – gives very nice nude dance :9
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    RE: Phoenix, AZ/ Dick's Cabaret Update

    I just came back from a long weekend attending Phoenix Pride as well as going to Dicks for three nights in a row. Prices still remain the same and nothing has been changed to the interior or layout of the club.

    In addition to the regulars that I mentioned in my October updates, I finally saw Ken and Dillon has returned to the stage. Ryan has been working out and his torso is looking good! ;)

    Newcomers include:
    Haden - young, lean, defined runner build - nice private dance :)

    Colby - young, bleach blond twink-friendly-nicely hung - good private :)

    Matthew - young, well defined athletic build - stayed with the girls :(

    Korman - young, boy next door - good stage dance, did not talk with older patrons :(
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    Cooper asked for help in updating the strip club FAQs; ask and ye shall receive. I just spent four nights in Phoenix and went to Dick's every night. What can I say? I like my floppy cocks. Anyway, a few minor changes:

    Sun-Thu: 7 pm to 3 am
    Fri-Sat: 7 pm to 4 am

    Sun & Mon: Half off VIP dances! Plus the wristband for all-night access to the VIP area is also half-off. So VIP dances are just $10/song + $10 for the wristband. Cover is $15
    Tue: wasn't there on Tue night, but Tue is Amateur Night, when guys will come in to audition
    Wed: $5 cover
    Thu: $15 cover. The website offers a $5 off coupon Tue & Thu nights, but the coupon has to be printed out. Showing the coupon on your smartphone isn't good enough (obviously I tried that).
    Fri & Sat: $20 cover
    Dances in the VIP Lounge (dancer gets naked) are $20/song Tue-Sat. You can also get $10/song table dances, which take place in the main room & the dancers don't get naked. One very important detail about the stage shows is that, contrary to the advertising, the nudity is quite fleeting on stage at Dick's. Each dancer goes on stage for two 5-minute songs. He remains clothed, to varying degrees, for the first 9 minutes until the manager says "final minute," when he does finally shuck off his underwear/G-string. And if a dancer isn't feeling it or the manager forgets to say "final minute," no cock for you!!

    Although they open at 7 pm all seven nights of the week, the place is a morgue for the first couple of hours, at least. On Fri & Sat, I showed up a little after 9 pm (because that's when Vegas strip clubs start hopping), and it was still dead. And by "dead," I mean there are no dancers on stage or even milling about the room socializing. You'll just sit by yourself in an empty room with the music playing. It depends on the night and the number of customers, but shows usually start sometime after 10 pm.

    Because the manager gets a cut of all the VIP dances, be careful about counting the number of songs. If your dancer pulls away and gets dressed hurriedly at the end of the agreed-to number of songs, don't be offended. If he doesn't get up and dressed quickly, you could get charged for another song. Also, dancers have to turn over 30% of all money from VIP dances to the house. So let's say you agree to do 2 songs. You count 2 songs, the dancer counts 2 songs, but the manager counts 3. Even if you refuse to pay for any more than the 2 agreed to, the dancer still has to pay 30% of 3 songs to the house. So on a normal (not half-off) night, $60 for 3 songs means he has to pay out $18 to the house, even if you only pay him $40. I say this only because I'm pretty sure the nasty Sunday night manager over-counted twice, but since it was only a matter of $50 vs. $40, I just paid without making a stink. On a regular night when dances are $20/song, I would have said something. Also, the dancers usually pay a $15 house fee at the start of their shift (if they arrive before 7:15 pm, fee is waived). As much as the dancers are turning over to the house, tips are very much appreciated. Even though table dances are just $10/song, you might find the dancers just as enthusiastic about doing them as $20/song VIP dances because they don't turn over 30% to the house from their table dances, even though they're supposed to (hope I didn't just get someone in trouble).

    The VIP lounge is an open area (3 comfy chairs + 1 loveseat) just right of the entrance plus another loveseat just left of the entrance and behind the bar. No, don't expect much privacy. Apparently there's also a private room that is $200 for 15 minutes (!) on Tue-Sat, $150 on Sun & Mon. I didn't pursue that option because I didn't learn of it until late Sunday night, my last night in Phoenix. This brings me to the biggest problem with the club: it seems to be horribly managed. The owner does almost nothing to promote the club. Her one attempt at promotion seems to be offering to waive the house fee for one of the dancers because whenever he works, he posts something on his Facebook page, which brings in more customers. So why the hell doesn't the owner herself get on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and try to bring in more customers?? The poor dancers, besides turning over a good chunk of their earnings to house fees, also get fined for the most minor infractions. I had a good time there yet couldn't help but notice all the unhappiness behind the scenes. I'll try to write another post focusing more on my experience at Dick's, as opposed to this nuts & bolts FAQs post.
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