Pittsburgh, PA - Lucky's (Real Luck Cafe)

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    Lucky's (Real Luck Café) is at 1519 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh PA
    phone 412-471-7832 web www.realluckcafe.com
    strip club (upstairs) open 10pm-2am Wed thru Sunday, dive bar (downstairs) open earlier
    no cover charge, interesting dive bar

    What do you do after a Penguins game on a cold winter's night in Pittsburgh, 2,000 miles from home and traveling alone? You get drunk at Lucky's, of course. I don't remember where I heard about this place, but since I was downtown and already worked up, I chose to check it out. Easy to find, on Penn Ave just up from the bus station. Driving up, I was able to park right in front of the wee rowhouse, next to a huge half-block warehouse. On walking in and heading for the stair, I was told "They ain't open yet" by the downstairs bar wench. After buying a beer and waiting fifteen, I was allowed to go up the stairs. The second floor has a central bar, with small dance floor behind. The first of three dancers came down from the third floor, dropped briefs and danced a 20-minute set. The dancers staggered their shifts, so there were always two on the bar. Good variety of guys, a footballer type, a Latino muscleman, and a cute twink. Tips go into bands on the upper thigh, instead of the arm, so it's easy to accidentally slip when tipping! Two of the three dancers offered escort services, but not the one I was interested in (Kevin the twink.) No lap dances or private rooms here, just bare assed boys dangling their junk over your moderately-priced beverage! Few patrons that night, so I was able to talk with each of the guys, friendly to this out-of-towner. They all said the place was hopping on Friday and Saturday, but since I travel home on Fridays, I'll have to take their word for it. If I'm ever in Penn. on vacation, I'll be back to check it out!