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    Haus and I were in communication at one point, fairly local to each other, and I regret not following up, didn't hire him :(

    Other "regrets" and misses from this thread and my past :

    Steve Fox
    Tony Cummings
    Michael Gere
    Kevin Wiles
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    Me too, regarding Haus. I only got to meet him once. Lovely guy. Terrific time. This thread is killing me. Bringing up so many memories of men I had forgotten I had met. Ken Ryker was a significant memory for me. Loved that guy. So wish I could see him again.

  3. Steve Fox though so beautiful might have been a lucky miss. I've read that he was mentally ill, alternatively that he was deeply conflicted about being gay for religious reasons. Have no way to verify any of that, so its hearsay. My personal experience: I almost hired him on a visit to Atlanta, but he was so clearly drunk or high on my initial call that I told him I needed to finalize my schedule before making an appt. Called back the next day, and he was just as wasted and he was desperate for a meeting as soon as possible -- "I can come over right now, I will do anything." I felt so sad for him, but realized he was a substance user who needed cash. His death was suicide, right?
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    Yes, it was a healthy "miss" I agree. Confirmation from a client friend of his and an escort friend of his I was seeing, it became clear his mental demons were taking over. I won't confirm specifics, just say that he was headed down a troubled path to an untimely end.

    And gosh yes, he was so beautiful. That little smile always melted me...

    Edit P.S. Did I mention tan lines melt me too?

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    Here you go...

    Partial list only:

    Bo Garrett
    Brad Rock
    Robert Van Damme
    Eric York
    Alec Martinez
    Greg Rome
    Vladimir Correa
    Alec Powers
    Billy Herrington
    Jack Simmons
    Chance Caldwell
    Chad Connors
    Flex Gamble
    Kane O'Farrell
    Ben Jaaks
    Ken Ryker
    Alex Carrington
    Sebastian Cruz
    Max Grand
    Haus Weston
    Matt Sizemore
    Matt Majors
    Aaron Osborne
    Vince Bandero
    Adam Hart
    Peter Raeg
    Zachary Scott
    Vin Marco
    Rhett O’Hara
    Rico Dulce
    Theo Moore
    Johnny Castle
    Tommy Defendi
    Billy Essex
    Zeb Atlas
    Derek Atlas
    Gabriel Clark
    AJ Irons
    Christian Wilde
    Marc Dylan

    and a bunch of guys whose professional names I can't remember who did a couple of gay and some straight films. I also left off a few who’ve made it very clear they don’t want to be reviewed or mentioned online as escorts. I’m certain there are others.
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    Greg Rome ..... I thought he was 100 per cent str8. Are we talking about the same blond-haired actor? What was he willing to do if I may ask?

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    Can't believe I forgot Christian Wilde and Marc Dylan. Wow. This is crazy, I have to let this go, lol!

  8. Blade9

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    That's him. It changed based on timing. He struggled a lot with drugs. Prison, too. He did two or three male/male films early on. Oral.
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    Same feeling for me with Tristan Baldwin. Have seen him many times in past and will hopefully in the future.
    Have also seen Aaron Mark many times, Marco Rochelle/Stefano three times and also Rafael Alencar as well as Tony Cummings. Saw Derek Atlas twice And single visits to the following; Alrxander Gustavo, Michael Vincenzo, Rick Hammerschmitt, John Vincent, A J Irons, Matt Stevens, Alec Martinez, Boston Miles, Talvin DeMachio, Tommy DeLuca, and Devon Hunter.
    Had great time with all but John Vincent and Boston Miles.
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    Count me in. I've probably spent 100+ hours during the past 25 years watching Peter North's perfectly-toned body.
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    Damn, forgot about AJ Irons. There's another to add to the list.

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    My goodness Blade 9. Very impressive. I have lists of "I could kick myself" of people I didn't hire. Why? I don't remember, & "Would've" if I had had the opportunity. I see several on your list. If you have no objection, I haven't tortured myself enough, would you give a brief synopsis of your experience with: Greg Rome (curious at what physical stage), Billy Herrington - I still weep, Flex Gamble, Gauge, Rico Dulce, Zeb. If not, I understand. There are also a few I have hired: Vladimir a few times - loved him, Chance a few times over many years - each time was pretty good, & Chad Conners once - fair. All were quite done doing films when I saw them. Vlad looked hotter & hotter each time.
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    Yes, Blade9, you are my new idol. I wish I could be a fly on your wall.
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    @Blade9 How was Alec Powers? Now THAT's a fantasy man.
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    What's particularly great about this list is that there's genuinely someone for every taste.
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    Anytime I have the chance to mention Tristan Baldwin I'm gonna do it. So much personality. Love just hanging with him.
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    Always wanted to meet Alec Powers and Lane Fuller. More up to date I'd like to meet Jimmy Fanz.
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    Beautiful. Only met him once. Ages ago. Open, personable. Stunning.

  19. Blade9

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    I had contact with Greg over the course of many, many years. Saw his body in all forms, slim and tight, pumped and oiled. Again, his drug and legal problems were enormous. That's all I can say. He was deported back to Canada years ago. We no longer communicate. Billy? Hot. Wicked hot. Seemed genuinely surprised at how fast I made him cum the first time we were together. Flex, gorgeous body, total wood issues, worst breath imaginable. Gauge, wow. Just wow. Wish I knew how to contact him. I would still book him. Just super sexy, super masculine. Rico, I don't remember. Zeb, I still think about him. Frequently. No idea how to reach him, privately. I imagine he has a social media presence but I would be more than a little reluctant to approach him in that way.

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    I won't pretend, your comment made me smile. Reminded me of the time a very, very well endowed young body builder that I saw for years phoned to tell me another of his clients was offering to pay if he could watch us. Apparently, the young man had spoken quiet highly of my ability to manage his organic asset. I still regret turning down the offer.

    Now it's time to move on. No more of this. It makes me somewhat melancholy. Time to begin building the next list.

    Thanks, gentlemen.

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