Pornstar escorts I have hired

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    Had Max. Enjoyable. Liked him better when we met again via mutual friend and had drinks in a bar a couple years later. Didn't remind him of our encounter. Wanted to keep the secret. If I recall, his real name is Renee? Wished for but never experienced Miguel Leon and Rafael Carreras (which almost happened this past April...damn!).
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    There's a great porno film titled "Summer Break" with both Greg Rome and Peter North. They start on the beach wearing speedos and pick-up two young ladies for some action. Both Greg and Peter in the same camera frame is some wonderful eye candy.
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    I want to meet Tommy Defendi. He's so dreamy... sexy bedroom eyes.
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    Nothing really to base it on, but I'm not surprised. He blew my skirt up the first time I saw him in an Old Reliable vid. Not an oz. of fat anywhere, and that sexy cocky/flirty attitude. Pretty obvious he was a hustler. He did a few other solo vids. I loved "Bondage Voyeur". Pretty obscure I guess. He gave the very sexy Mark Jennings a great blow job in "Winners". He did do one really hot full on sex scene w/ mutual oral, ass eating, & anal - he's the top, yeah! - in "Santa Monica Blvd" with the also very sexy Gary Stevens - in leather. Not to be missed IMO. If you're not aware of it, is an awesome reference resource for all thing gay porn.
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    Thanks Blade 9. I am deservedly more devastated, particularly about Billy & Gauge. Didn't Gauge become an MMA fighter or the like? If so, it's curious he wouldn't have been spotted competing somewhere. Ahh well. Re Mr. Rome: check this out from 2011
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    Yikes. He looks like a pumped up David Forrest.

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    What an insult! :)
  8. Shiloh, noticed your review of DA today. Very nice. I've not considered him before because his mixed reviews leave an overall impression that he's kind of a self-centered jerk. Your review brings out a very different side of who he is. Very thoughtful review, grateful for it.
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    Thanks. I'm glad it was published finally!
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    I'll elaborate on a post from an earlier thread on the same topic, adding several I'd forgotten until reading this thread:

    My first porn star escort was Brian Hart. Might be too long ago for some/most of you, but to remind you or fill you in: He was sexy, smooth muscle, a very nice guy and a lot of fun.

    Rex Chandler: he was older and past his movie days but still very attractive and a good experience in bed.

    Josh Weston (several times). My experiences with him were all good. He was gorgeous, fun, friendly, enjoyed sex and was good at it.

    Rafael Alencar (more than once) -- can't add anything to all the good things already said about him.

    Talvin DeMacchio. Lord, he was beautiful. I think I could have cum without touching myself just from watching him move naked. He was also sexually talented (we had a lot of great fun even though I don't bottom).

    Rick Hammersmith (several times): An ultimate muscle bottom.

    Juice: Another ultimate muscle bottom.

    Rod Daily looked just like in his vids and was a physical turn on but was minimally interactive.

    Marco Rossi was attractive but very weird.

    AJ Irons: Excellent experience.

    Marc Dylan: Beautiful physique, but a bit detached.

    Lucas di Fubbiano was very hot and a very talented bottom.

    CJ Knight was one of the hottest and best bottoms I've ever been with.

    Donato Reyes was a recent hire, and it was a very erotic experience, simply fantastic.

    Gabriel Cross was my most recent. Very fun.
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    Not nearly enough for me apparently! I've hired Micah Brandt and Gabriel Cross.
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    What a trip down memory lane.
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    This is a tough one because I've met with quite a few and wanted to recognize him because it was perfection - Seven Dixon. Breathtaking beautiful sexy virile sweet and as nice as a man as I've been with. What a memory.
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    I can only offer experience with one that I hired, Avi Dar, and for him I will say that some fantasies are better left two-dimensional. Living in New York, I have had surreal free experiences with several other porn performers (I wouldn't call most of the current crop "stars"), but through hookup apps in those cases.
  15. I've hired a couple. Mixed results.

    I hired Paul Pratt several times. Really nice guy but has a dominant/in charge attitude during the scene and really gets into the play and gets into the scenes I am into. AFAIK he is retired. He hasn't advertised in a few years and no longer responds to emails. Only complaint I had was when he kissed his breath was awful, he's a heavy smoker and even though he had used breath mints you could still smell it.

    I hired Jackson Lawless in LA five or six years ago and that was a great scene. Jackson has a nice build and even though he is mostly a bottom on camera was amazing as a top. Really got into it and had no problems accommodating my fetishes. I don't remember ever seeing an ad on Rentboy or rentmen for him and met him through Manhunt. When I was back in LA a few months later his profile hadn't been accessed on MH for a while and I didn't have his cell number anymore but wanted to hire him again.

    Michael Lee from Helix. Wouldn't hire again. He really didn't get into the scene at all and was basically just going through the motions and you could tell he didn't want to be there.

    I hired Robbie Mendez a couple times in LA and I think he's retired. He will not kiss with any client which is sort of a turnoff and we didn't get into anything anal (I won't top during a paid scene and seeing how much he barebacks I wasn't going to bottom for him even though I play safe always) but was great at oral both ways and gave a great massage and got into some kink and rates were really reasonable. I really like his build, muscular build but he works out at the gym and I don't think he uses steroids. One turnoff was he doesn't get off with his clients which is something that is kind of important to me.

    Rob Benson claims to be a porn star but I have never seen anything with him in it. Hired him earlier last year on RB because he was into some of the fetishes I was into. He looked cuter than his RM pics and has a nice swimmers build and I like how he had a little bit of a scruffy and loved his curly hair but the black nail polish was a turnoff. I'd never hire him again. We agreed to a mix kink/vanilla scene before he came over. He was great at the fetish play but vanilla wise wouldn't even let me perform oral on him and he didn't get off.

    Tony Vega is someone I'd recommend avoiding. I thought it was odd a porn star that's been escorting as long as he has had no reviews and I found out why. He was doing something with his regular job in my area and I drove almost 90 minutes to meet him in the winter and he texts me when I'm 30 minutes away saying he had to run some stuff to the post office before they closed (this was a Saturday morning) and he was going to be delayed a half hour so I pulled over and just grabbed something to eat and checked some emails. He didn't get off, really didn't get into the scene, even though he was hung wasn't nearly the 9 inches he advertised and advertised as being naturally smooth and had chest stubble. And I felt really rushed he said he had an appointment about 45 minutes into the scene and I'd have to hurry up and get off. He didn't do something of the stuff we agreed to beforehand and even though the session was only about 50 minutes long at the end (he at least didn't ask for payment up front) he his rate was $250 plus graduity. Let's just say he didn't get the graduity:) I think it takes a lot of balls to ask for a tip to begin with, let alone when you didn't even perform the services or for the amount of time you advertised for.

    Alexander Gustavo was the last porn star I hired a couple months ago and was only a few weeks before he committed suicide. GREAT scene. He really got into the scene and wasn't a clock watcher. Really nice guy as well, he talked for a good half hour after with me about how he liked riding a motorcycle (he had his helmet in the room with him since he rode his bike there) and how he used to be an RN and got into porn because he got in a bad motorcycle accident and didn't want to be a nurse any longer. That's someone I would have hired again in Vegas.

    Porn stars I'd love to hire who don't advertise are Blake Mitchell from Helix, Connor Maguire from Kink and Van Darkholme from Kink.
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    Connor Maguire certainly used to advertise.......
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    Tommy Defendi
    Jason Ridge
    Jason Michaels
    Paul Pratt
    All of these guys were delightful.
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    Forgot about Eric Bouna form Belami Really hot and super nice
    Also Chris Knight used to be on aol as TheCKnight Anyone remember him...really hot
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    I've certainly been with a plethora of porn stars in the past. The first was probably Jim Slade. He was a great bottom. I'm not sure about his personality (I was awestruck at the time. )-he was probably only about the 5th guy I had hired. Others include Trey Rexx, Diego Vena, Trey Casteel, Ray Stone, Andrew Justice, Tyger, Dean Monroe, Tory Mason, Will West, and Mike Gaite. These are off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more. Most of these I've listed were really nice guys except for Trey Rexx. He was stunningly handsome and knew it. I think it stunted his personality.

    I also hired Alexander Gustavo once in Seattle before he moved to Vegas. I'm not sure our personalities would have matched for an overnight or a weekend, but he was a nice guy. He certainly lived up to what he promised. I think he was going to come to my hotel on his motorcycle-but then it was either raining or a friend had the keys. In any case I think he ended up getting to me by taxi. I don't remember him charging me for it. But I did drive him back home. I didn't know he had committed suicide until I read it here last week.

    There have been several escort/porn star suicides (or deaths from other causes) over the years where I have previously contacted the guy to inquire about a meeting. But the meetings never came about for one reason or another. Alexander is the first escort I can think of that I've actually met who has died. I'm very sad. It's awful to think he was hurting, and no one knew how much.

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