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    I have been with four porn stars and they were all memorable (in a good way). Two have already been mentioned in this thread - Alec Martinez (met in Orlando) and Richie Fine (in DC). Unfortunately I was only with Alec once but got to meet up with Richie twice. The third one was an encounter just before he appeared in porn. His name was Dred Scott (in Seattle). He was a very dominant top that displayed his skill magnificently in several movies for Titan Media. The last one was Sam Northman (in Denver). I didn't even know he was a porn star until about six months later.

    I'm not really sure if the next one counts since technically he wasn't a porn star. However, he was known as HotBoy Luke (in Orlando) and had several hot videos on his website (HotBoyCamz). He was a really nice guy and I was with him on two separate occasions.
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    Alec Martinez - my very first. Incredibly sweet guy and a lot of fun. Stayed much longer than what I hired him for and didn't even mention wanting more money. I tipped extra well.

    Zachary Taylor - incredibly nice guy. I had booked him in advance but the night of the appointment, I just wasn't feeling the vibe. (Little did I know I actually had food poisoning that would hit during the night.) Offered to take me out to dinner his treat, but I passed.

    Andrew Justice - had a great dinner and I could have looked at that smile all night. Had a little trouble accommodating the giant mushroom head in combination with the curve, but enjoyed trying anyway. Would likely hire again.

    Vin Marco - best experience of my life. This man stole my heart and ruined me for all other men. Personality, looks, attentiveness, performance... nothing prepared me for the perfection. In a perfect world, I would win PowerBall, buy a house in Palm Springs and have him as my live-in trainer/lover for the rest of my life. There are not enough superlatives to describe my feelings for this man.

    My list of guys I would hire (past and present) would require a thread all its own, so I'll post my top few:
    Zeb Atlas - actually a review on Muscle Service of Zeb and Vin Marco together gets me through many a cold lonely night.
    Joey D - a trip to Chicago may be necesssary.
    Aron Ridge - been a fan for years.
    Tristan Baldwin - tried scheduling a couple times but just haven't had the luck of coinciding schedules.
    Julian Vincenzo - probably as close to Joe Manganiello as I'll ever get.
    Antonio Aguilera - found his ad on rentmen recently and haven't been able to form a coherent thought since.

    Wishful Thinking
    Chad White - straight ponr star and behind Vin, the second best definition of male perfection.
    Calvin Banks - not usually a twink lover, but the way this kid moves his body is spellbinding. I don't believe he escorts.
    Andrew Stark - I know he doesn't and won't escort but he will always be on my list.
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    I'm totally with you on Andrew Stark.
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    i completely agree with all the praise heaped on alec martinez. i still remember the one time i met him years ago. totally sweet, sexy, friendly man. and that hot grin of his!
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    I do not watch very much porn so I have hired men not knowing they were porn "stars". In fact, I have found names among the many here names who I have hired, who have done porin and I did not realize it. One name which was not mentioned at all and a man who I found extremely handsome is Parker Williams. The first time I met Parker, he wanted to know if I wanted an autograph and I asked why I would and he told me many of his clients wanted different items signed. I did go back and look at some of his work and while he was great on film, he was much better looking in person. He has a magnetic look and a wonderful presence.
    So besides Parker Williams The ones with an asterisk I had no idea they did porn until later

    *Rod Roddick
    *Talvin DeMacchio
    *Davidsf more an internet video man
    *Andrew Miller
    Andrew Justice
    *Rick Hammersmith
    *Nick German
    *Vin Marco
    *Tristan Baldwin
    *Vince Ferrelli
    *Matt Majors
    *Aaron Mark
    *Mike Gaite
    Jeremy Walker

    Well those are the 15 who comes to mind. That there are others that do not come to mind reflects on my memory of the encounters being faulty or the encounters themselves being faulty.
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    + 1 on Andrew Stark!
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    Does Hot Boy Luke escort? Because I would love to get with him.
  8. arlinguy

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    Sadly, no. He stopped escorting a few years ago.
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    I also think Parker Williams is incredibly sexy. I didn't know he escorted. Is he still active?
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    No his does not. He has been out of porn and out of escorting for years. Just a regular Joe in Florida somewhere, last I heard.
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    I've noticed a few guys mentioned Chris Rockway. As I recall, when he was being represented by Man To Man, I spoke with Dave who told me that Chris did not top off-camera and that he was not a fan of kissing so he might not be my best choice for a BFE. Did you find that to be the case? If not, does he still escort?
  12. I only saw Connor on rentboy a few times and his ads used to only stay up for about a week and then disappear for a couple months and then go back up for another week or so and unfortunately his ad was never up when I was in SF. I remember his rate was pretty high (like $400 or $500) but he is one escort I'd be willing to pay that amount to if he would get as rough in real life as in his videos.

    I've always thought Connor was hot from the time I saw him in one of the bait bus videos when he was really young and kind of the thin side and hadn't put on all the muscle and was a big bottom. He matured very nicely and turned into a great top
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  13. Agree with you totally on Alexander. I was planning on hiring him every time I was in Vegas. He was the last escort I have hired now that I think about it.

    I always like escorts that will converse with you after instead of rushing to get out the door. He was in Cleveland the following weekend and wish I would have made the drive to meet him again.
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    I once had quite a thing for Drew Damon.
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    Rod Roddick - me too. Wish I had seen him more. R.I.P.
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    ALWAYS BEEN CURIOUS: Say they had not moved on or moved to prison or married women or found Jesus; if you could hire your absolute JO under the sheets Teen HS College fantasy pornstar TODAY, would you do it regardless of what they look like now and just see what they WERE and what they MEANT to you and still be thrilled just to be with them?;)
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