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    Club Silverado - 318 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204
    www.silveradopdx.com 503-224-4493
    Open 7 days, strippers nightly 10pm-2am, Sunday 6pm-2am (two shows)
    One side bar and lounge, one side strip club
    Small cover charge weekends and special days, no cover weeknights

    I would be remiss if I did not report on my hometown meat show at Silverado. The club is at the south end of Portland's entertainment district, on a block which features two other strip clubs. There are three entrances to Silverado, the south door for the bar( open 11 am to 2am daily), the middle door for the strip club (open 9pm to 2am nightly, 5pm to 2am Sunday), the north door is the strip club exit. There is a bar in each side, drinks prices are about average for Portland.

    The nightclub opens 9pm, with strippers starting at 10. Usually, there is a pair of guys on the main stage, one on the small stage in back, and one on the stage in the bar. Three song sets, starting fully clothed, end up mostly nude by the last song. Each dancer is different, some get full nude for the second half of their set, some just flash, a couple of the guys keep their drawers on. The typical mix you would expect in the Northwest- some twinks, some hipster types, a couple of older muscled guys, the rare occasional gentleman of color. Tips in the waistband when on stage, a little easier to tip and peek at the guys on the small stage. The bar is kinda rough around the edges, so the vibe is more of live-and-let-live, like a country and western disco from the past.

    After the guys finish their set, they come out and work the room while waiting for their next "up". If you tip during their set, they will definitely come back and thank you, and most will ask if you are interested in a lap dance - $25 plus tip, up on the mezzanine above the strip club's bar. No VIP rooms here, no nude lap dances, but the guys are friendly and athletic in their moves. A little tamer than some places back East, but it's home to me, so I like it anyway.

    One warning- during the summer months, the blocks around Silverado are filled with overnight campers, mostly young members of the West Coast Travelers, and they will try to hustle you if they sense they can get away with it. You're not going to be able to pickup any of these youngsters for any action, and caution is well advised- they can get quite aggressive!
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    Wha...wha...what???!!! There are THREE strip clubs is sleepy Portland? And "fully nude?" I am impressed!!
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    To be clear, there are three strip clubs in this block, but only one is for gay male patrons, the others are a male strip club for women patrons, and a female strip club. Portland must have over a hundred female strip clubs, but Silverado is the lone gay 7-day-per-week operation. Although, there is a Friday night "revue" at Darcelle's XV female impersonator nightclub, a few blocks up 3rd Avenue.