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  1. Maarrkk

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    Is there any concern about changing your rate when you know it's a slow season? I'm not talking about desperate or undersell yourself. It's just because you are aware that have slow months. Also I'm very curious about escorts who put the rate on Rentmen as ASK ME. In my opnion I think its better when shows the price , but at the same time make me this Works? thanks =)
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    Hi @Maarrkk. "ASK ME" means the client must contact the escort and ask them what their fees are. As a client, I tend to move on to the next escort listing unless the escort in question has such excellent reviews and/or word of mouth, or is a verified porn actor whom I have lusted after for years, that I might try to contact him for his fee amount. I'd much rather have an idea what the fee is before I contact them. For example, when Zeb Atlas in Vegas was taking first time clients, his fee was $500 per hour.

    I thought about it for over a year and just decided I would budget that extra amount (usually my upper limit is $300) just because thinking about hiring him for so long convinced me that I really wanted to splurge so I could try him! And I was not disappointed!!! :):);) If he had not listed his fee, I would not have been thinking about the possibility of hiring him for over a year!

    TruHart1 :cool:
  3. Chuckball

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    I wasn't aware there was a slow season but I see that Maarrkk is from Miami. It stands to reason that the market there would increase with winter tourism. So in the summer the market shrinks. Even though Maarrkk looks incredibly hot I suspect even he might have financial doldrums from time to time. His hourly rate seems very reasonable but it would be interesting to find out if putting himself on sale for a limited period would be profitable. Please Maarrkk let us know.
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  4. LADoug1

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    There's nothing wrong with adjusting your rates to match economic conditions. It fits into a good marketing practice.

    As for Ask Me I usually jump to the next profile.
  5. bashful

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    It has been my limited experience those with "ask me" adjust their rate for more than an hour, such as $300 an hour, but $500 for two hours, or $600 for three hours.
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    But they can always explain this on their profile.
  7. MiamiLooker

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    If you have a fixed fee, state it. If your fee structure is flexible, state ASK ME.
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  8. Mydavid

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    I usually skip this kind of profile too.
  9. Escorts are living in LaLa land if they don't think they are losing a tremendous amount of business by putting ask me instead of a rate.

    Almost always a pass for me as well.
  10. WmClarke

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    Me, too.
  11. Courage!

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    I'm new to the hiring game, but like others I'm not going to ask. In English there is a saying: "If you have to ask how much it costs then you can't afford it."

    Also, when there's a bunch of reviews of you up, the mystery is gone.

    Best of luck!!
  12. When I see an ad with "Ask me" I immediately reach open my desk drawer and pull out my Reject stamp. It's been my experience that the following occurs:

    ME: How much?
    YOU: $350
    ME: Thank you but that's not in my price range.
    YOU: Can you do $300.
    ME: Thank you again but I'm looking for something around $250.
    YOU: I guess I could lower my rate just this one time for you.


    YOU: You won't find any high quality men at that price. I'm certified high quality and therefore command a premium (actual quote from an escort)

    YOU: Sorry, I don't compromise my pricing. You sound like a cheap bastard (actual quote from an escort)
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  13. sincitymix

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    its been my experience that ask me usually means here is my ala cart menu and prices sky rocket from there.
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  14. Keith30309

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    That's similar to what happened when I contacted an "ask me" guy a couple of months ago. He told me his 2-hr rate, I politely declined and wished him well, he sent me a follow-up with a lesser amount.
    He was new so I explained to him that it was my feeling that if two people are negotiating and one feels as as if he's been slighted then his demeanor during the time may be less enthusiastic than it otherwise would have been. It's even possible that I simply perceive it to be less and attribute it to the prior haggling.
    It makes things more complicated than they need to be and than I prefer. Also, I'm not sure how professional it appears to fluctuate rates based on demand like a highway HOV or Express lane.

    Ideally I know the donation before the door opens, the white envelope discretely appears and the magic happens.... just like my dentist except without the pain. :D
  15. Maarrkk

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    I understood that the client contact the escort to know his fee. but why the escort hide the price? why they make people ask for it? because they are flexible with price or what? that's why i want to hear from the escorts, because mine i show. i think showing it, give to the client an idea, so they can see if it's Worth it or not. even though if the client think the escort desserve more than the amounting fee, they can tip us. It also happened a lot with me.

    Well...I usually charge same amount everytime and keep the price for regulars...because i think it's fair. but when my agenda gets too busy the only way would be Worth it is increasing a little, but not to double the price. But my concern is, we have clients that check your profile time to time before contact us. So, how you guys see this when the escort is changing the price time to time to fit in the Market situation? :)

    This is the way I think. But what clients think about that when they see the escort profile couple of times and see price changing you know? This thread is more to make it clear for me and help to adjust better my profile to improve my job that I like it. Thanks for your opinion by the way.

    Flexible how? With promos like 1 hour 300, 2 hours 500? (this is my not my fee, just an example)
    Because if you charge XXX for 1 hour. I think it's a base that you gave to people contact you. Because some just need 1 hour. Then, if you want to make them more interested to be with you, so when he contact you, you tell him about "look, if you stay two hours i can make for this price" or something like that...don't know
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  16. KennF

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    Hi @Maarrkk

    I'm not an escort, but I'd like to give you my impression. Anything that isn't upfront and revealed leaves questions in my mind. I have to wonder whether the escort is being forthcoming, is who they say they are, is worth the value, etc...

    So, for each "Ask Me", whether that is rate, orientation, etc... it raises a red flag saying there may be more risk involved.

    Also, I know I'm paying for time more than particular service. If I have a particular desire, I may expect that you'd change your rate to adjust. So, if someone just wants dinner with you, then maybe you might reduce your rate for that encounter. While if someone asked for extreme fetishes then you may raise your rates for that encounter.

    As for raising your rates and potential clients seeing it. That doesn't turn me away. I am one of those who would check out an ad for some time. I'll look at several and decide which, hoping I'll find someone who is talented and attentive to my needs and maybe worth seeing multiple times.

    Just my thoughts. Hope they help.
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  17. TruHart1

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    Just now checking out your Rent.Men ad in depth, @Maarrkk, including your full interview, you come off as a very sincere and honest guy. With your pictures showing a highly attractive man, all of your reviews positive, and your fees at a very reasonable rate for the area you are working, it would surprise me if you did not find yourself in high demand most of the time!

    Clients, including myself, might think there is something untrustworthy about an escort whose fees vary at different times. I think the best policy is to decide on a fee and stay with it without fluctuating up and down. Of course, as the average fee levels may change over a few years, you should certainly adjust your hourly fee accordingly to stay competitive in your particular market.

    TruHart1 :cool:
  18. Jose305

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    Quite frankly I like to see rates upfront or I'll pass. I'm not going to sit there and negotiate a price with an escort or masseur like if I was buying a car. I think it's awkward and potentially humiliating for both sides. I live in Miami, I'm no escort, but summer season tends to be our slow season even very $$$ hotels cut rates in late July, and in August. I saw your profile and you're a VERY hot man so don't low ball with anyone!
  19. I also skip profiles that say "ask me".
  20. Stormy

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    The "ask me" option is a big turnoff for me as well. I want to know upfront.